Ever notice those spots on your car after parking near the sprinklers? Even after a rainy day, you get the most annoying water spot marks on your car. I recently used 3D Water Spot Remover, and it saved the clear coat paint on my vehicle. Now it looks amazing and it was a quick investment of less than $20.

The product got all of the water spot marks off my car, within three minutes of applying and wiping it off. I’ve used 3D Detailing Products on my car whenever I do take the time to deep clean and detail it. Let me say, the products work extremely well. All of the 3D Detailing Products are eco-friendly, safe on my paint and do a great job at cleaning the exterior and interior. The HD line is AMAZING! I highly recommend it.

I recently moved from the dry desert to the green beautiful valley hills. However moving from our house, to a comfortable apartment, we have little garage space because all of our family junk. Now I have to park my car outside, near the grass, which are lined with sprinklers.

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DIY water spot remover for car