Easter Baskets Ideas for Infants and Kids under $10

Back in the 90’s, our Easter Baskets were small with an oversized, HUGE basket handle. 😆Thankfully those baskets aren’t in style anymore. I’m not big on buying tons of candy for my children’s baskets, so I picked up a few items at my local dollar stores. Check out the finds!

Not gonna life, I bought similar oversized eggs at Michael’s Craft Store a few weeks ago, with a 40% off coupon for $13.99 (reg $19.99).  The 99 cent store had them for $1.99

Toddler on Easter

The classic Chocolate Bunny (in this case, white chocolate bunny). My store had a few different varieties and sizes. Multipacks are great for larger families and as extra fillers.

Amari, my (almost 1 yr old) niece is getting this cute and simple basket. She won’t be in town for her first Easter egg hunt with us, but I want to give her a few little items in a nice basket that mom can use to store some hair accessories or baby items. I’ll drop into my local Target or Walmart and grab more infant snacks to fill her basket. They’re normally under $2 for the snack bags that melt for babies, perfect since she’s currently teething.

The easter egg dye kits were a sweet find!
This year my boys will be creating a few eggs with these kits.
Check out the video below with MORE stuff!!!

Dude, I found some Hatchimals goodies, Paw Patrol, and so much Disney easter candy. These are cute to add as larger fillers so that you don’t have to overstuff the baskets. I like to give the boys items that aren’t candy related because the egg hunt will be filled with that good stuff.


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