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4 Easy Ways To Make A Family Camping Trip That Little Bit More Comfortable

When it comes to outdoor adventures, I like to keep it my planning easy comfortable for family camping. It seems like families either love the idea or hate it and for those in the latter group, the number one complaint is usually a lack of comfort. Now camping may never be the same as a 5-star stay in a hotel, but it can be made as comfortable as you need it to be with a few simple upgrades. So here are our four top tips for adding a little more luxury to your trip. 

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1. Take chairs

Sitting on logs around an open fire may be the idealistic image on camping brochures, but let’s face it, a camping chair is often a lot more comfortable. Folding down to a manageable size and popping open to reveal a backrest, armrests, and even cup holders, camping chairs are a very simple way to elevate your experience. If you’re camping someplace warm, then you can even get camping chairs with built-in canopies, perfect for taking the shade with you wherever you choose to sit. The best canopy chairs on the market can also be waterproof! Keeping the rain off you during a shower too. 

2. Bring an air mattress 

Say goodby to cold, hard floors, and hello to pillowy soft air that helps to keep you warm at night too. There is a wide range of air mattresses on the market, from slim self-inflating varieties that can be easily fitted into a camping rucksack, to larger varieties that inflate to the size and height of an ordinary bed! When it comes to camping the biggest factor to consider is how you plan to inflate your new comfortable bed. Self-inflating and hand-pumped varieties work best off-grid, but you can also buy electrically inflated beds if you are camping close to a power source. 

3. Go a size up 

When tent’s say that they sleep four people, that usually means four people top to toe. To guarantee you the space you need, consider upsizing your tent by one or two people, which will give you room for luggage and some recreational space. It’s also a great idea to try and find a tent with a porch area or an internal recreational space that can be used in the event of rain and will help to keep you all sane. Our family has a twelve person tent, we bought larger in case friends or family decided to join us during the splurge of the moment.

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4. Take a gas stove 

Campfires are great fun, but when you’re hungry and need to make food in a hurry, they start to lose their appeal. A portable camping gas stove is a more reliable alternative and will enable you to cook up hearty meals for the whole family in a fraction of the time. Simply pop on a skillet or a pan and you’ll have boiling water or delicious cooked food like a Philly cheesesteak in a fraction of the time. Just because you are using a gas stove to make the bulk of your meals doesn’t mean that you need to forgo the campfire altogether, you can still enjoy making a campfire for toasting marshmallows and other less essential parts of your meal. 

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So there you have it, these are just four of the easy ways in which you can make your family camping trip that little bit more comfortable and therefore enjoyable – now are you more inclined to give camping a try?

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camping at the beach


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