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BEST Compact Camera for Youtube Videos

Best compact camera for youtube

The BEST Compact Camera for Travel, Adventure and Family Video

The camera is the one in hand when you need to capture the moment! Whether its a cell phone, DSLR, GoPro, Mirrorless, you’ll have the best tool as long as you have can capture your highlight and memory.

My small start-up collection that I’ve been able to acquire while within the past few years have all given me great ways to capture different content. GoPro has always been my favorite for its compact size and ability to capture the fish eye view, plus, its awesome accessories!

The Canon T6 DSLR gives me crisp beautiful photos, I would never part from it. As a mom of two young and very active boys, I love to capture their childhood via photography and video. My canon is my special occasion set up. GoPro is my adventure, rugged, tough camera that can be housed in awesome equipment that protects it against nature and its elements. Plus, boys are rough so this is a better option for the family outings.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver – Compact Camera for YouTube

If you love wide-angle cameras, this is the best deal that can capture everything with the fish eye view. I’ve found plenty of bundles available on for $300 which come with multiple batteries, case, mounts and much more. Here are my favorite qualities about my GoPro Hero 4 Silver:

  • Slow Motion at 240 frames per second
  • High-Resolution 4K30 and 2.7K60 video combines with 1080p120 and 720p240 slow motion
  • Waterproof to 131 feet (40 meter) & Shockproof
  • 12MP photos at 30 frames per second
  • WIFI compatible
  • Supports up to 64gb Memory Card

My setup is housed in an Aluminum Frame Case for housing ($16.99), this allows me to place to microphone directly on top of the GoPro. I had to purchase the 3.5 mm female microphone adapter to connect the Rhodes VideoMicro to my GoPro.

Rhodes VideoMicro review

Rhodes VideoMicro Compact

At just under $60 the Rhodes VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone is one of my favorite little accessories for the GoPro set up that I have. It was a small investment and nearly half the price of other on-camera microphones. The quality is awesome, perfect for your everyday video and vlogging creative content. Plus, it’s lightweight! GoPro doesn’t have the best audio, therefore, this made my content quality on GoPro video boost to 100%!

Compact and Flexible Tripod

Amazon is loaded with plenty of flexible tripods, we use ours when we go hiking, play, explore new areas, it’s the perfect way for us to set out and capture our own family videos.  Plus, you can wrap it around a tree, arm-chair, fence, handle, etc, there are plenty of ways to bend the flexible handle. Which makes it an excellent tool for traveling and packing this baby right up!

travel vlogging camera

Photo Taken With Cell Phone: iPhone 8+ 👇

I took this photo at Pismo Beach, my 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser, with the wind and sand, the best device was my iPhone 8 Plus for capturing my photos at the beach since I didn’t take my GoPro.

cell phone camera photo

Photo taken with Canon T6 DSLR 👇

We went to NYC summer 2018 and I honest wish I had taken a smaller camera, like my GoPro. Carrying my bulky Canon T6 Rebel was a pain in the ass. Unfortunately, I rarely used it because of using my cell phone for most of my photos. By the time I took out my camera, I’d lose the moment. Plus, I didn’t want to haul it along with my kids, traveling with young children is no joke.

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Traveling with kids

Photo taken with GoPro Hero 4 Silver 👇

I always fall in love with my GoPro when I decide to take it! These wide-angle photos are just my favorite! They capture so much of the big picture, when we travel to Massachusetts this coming summer, I’ll be taking this along! It’s much easier to pack, lightweight and I love the wide-angle photos. Plus, the video quality is great too! We took this on our trip to Channel Islands National Park, it was beautiful! Check out the Blog Post and see what I recommend for the day hike!

GoPro Hero 4 Silver photo quality

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