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Outdoor Activities for Kids – Horseback Riding Lessons

Kids love outdoor activities, my boys love horseback riding. This past weekend we took Sonny and Zachary to Copper Horse Riding Ranch, located in the outskirts of Los Angeles County. It’s a kid friendly ranch, they absolutely love the animals. Let me share some helpful tips based off our family experience!

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Search for local Horseback Riding Lessons

If you’re like me, you’ll first hit up Google, to do your research! Find a location that attracts your attention, then call and get information about the horseback riding lessons. It’s important to ask plenty of questions and get more details to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your family.

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Have Patience and Explore

Sonny has been riding since he was 2.5 years old, he is very mature and has lots of patience. It was very easy for him to grasp the concept and was coachable with instructors. However, Zachary is still fully engaged in his young toddler years, he enjoyed the day by running around the ranch visiting the animals. We let him explore the ranch, get comfortable and that brought him happiness. Maybe in a few months we will give it another try.

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Horseback Riding Safety

You want your child to be old enough or mature enough to understand the safety rules. If you decide that you’d love to continue the horseback riding lessons, you can check out some riding helmets. During the first lesson, we made note of the size helmet that fit him, and soon after getting home, I ordered one on It was a small investment but he is so excited to have his own riding helmet.

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Enjoy the Simplicity of the Country Lifestyle

My family likes to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and surround themselves with animals that make them happy. It’s a relaxing sport and activity for kids to learn, explore and have fun. Our boys always leave the ranch with big smiles, fun stories and a great exercise. They get to walk around and visit their favorite horses, the cute miniature donkey, Noble.

outdoor horseback riding lessons

Explore Los Angeles, Even the Countryside!

I love taking my boys to new places, it’s a great way for us to explore surrounding cities! We are very lucky that we have plenty of great hiking spots, you can see my list of 10 Kid Friendly Hiking Spots in LA. These are perfect for Spring and Summer days, a great way to just get out and explore the city. With so many local ranch and farms in Los Angeles, you can find the perfect spot to introduce horseback riding to your kids. I personally love Copper Horse Riding Ranch, Miss Jenna & Miss Tammy make you feel like family. Safety is always their priority and we genuinely have a great time exploring their ranch.

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