what to wear on motorcycle

What do I wear when riding a Motorcycle?

Going on your first motorcycle ride and not sure what to wear? My first recommendation would be to layer as much protection as possible. There’s plenty of different motorcycle gear that you can check out. We ride for fun and not as a necessity for everyday commuting purposes. motorcycle ride in california

Motorcycle Leather Clothing and Boots

I personally don’t ride long distance, so we stay local and enjoy cruising the PCH in California. It’s almost always perfect 70s weather for riding. During the hot summer days, (as much as I should cover up with heavy layers), you’ll find me wearing a leather vest. Amazon.com is always my go-to for shopping with quick shipping turnaround if I can’t find something in-stores. If you have time, you can check out other retailers and see what fits you best at your local motorcycle retailer. Most of the time you can save money by shopping online and pick up in store.

Use a Backpack or Saddlebags

If you need to take extra items like sunblock,feminine care items, hats, etc. then you’ll want to wear a backpack. If you prefer to ride without a bag, you can always place these in the saddlebags or the storage compartments within the bike (if available). I always carry sunblock, hats, extra hair ties, feminine care items and my phone charger. Just in case one of my friends may need these when out on the road.

Warm Layers for Riding at Night

At night it can get very cold and the best way to keep warm is to layer up with fleece and comfortable softshell sweaters underneath. I personally love the North Face Fleece Jackets, and I can wear them comfortably underneath my summer riding vest.

Helmets & Bluetooth

You definitely need the helmet, unless your riding in the very few states that do not require them. Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll pass and continue to wear my helmet. I love the bluetooth pieces, these devices allow me to receive incoming calls and listen to music while riding. This has helped us communicate with family as my husband is focused on driving and we need to keep in touch. Riding can be very dangerous and I’m always communicating with family between destination arrivals. You can actually pair them and communicate with others if you’re riding together. It’s very cool and handy!

motorcycle portable jump starter

I would HIGHLY recommend keeping a Portable Jump Starter whenever you go out riding. It’s not something you wear, but it’s an important resource. There are many times when you may need a quick jump and won’t be able to use a regular vehicle jump starter kit. I purchased mine on Amazon and we absolutely love it! It has multiple purposes:

  • Motorcycle, Car , Truck Jump Starter
  • Flashlight
  • Portable Charger – has USB ports to charge just about anything!

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