Cute Summer Hairstyles for your Inner Darling

Summer is just around the corner and I’ve found a handful of cute hairstyles that my friends have created! Jeanna and April are some high school friends of mine who are in the cosmetology industry, and they’re sisters! I love to change up my hair throughout the seasons. I tend to grow long hair and randomly chop it off into a pixie or bob style, I’ve never had colored but may consider since…

😳 I’ve Found My First Grey Hair!

Anyhow, let’s show some of those cute hairstyles I’d like to share..

They’ve been so kind to let me share some of these cute styles that they have recently created on their clients. Check them out! Maybe you’ll want to have your stylist recreate one of these.

cute twist mohawk for summer

easy summer hairstyle

wavy medium hair style

braid updo

awesome buzzed undercut for womens hair



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