LUSH Cosmetics have Cute Halloween Beauty Products (Limited Edition!)

This week I dropped by my local Lush Cosmetics to check out their fresh handmade beauty products. In October, for a limited time, they have so many fun Halloween inspired bath bombs, shower gels and creams, with many soap varieties. Trick Or Treat, you’ll definitely be in love with the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar and Monster’s Eyeball bath bomb. has their spooky and cute bath bombs available now! They’ve been in stores and online since September 20. This week I’ve been searching for fun birthday gifts for my teenage cousin. October is filled with so many fun Halloween inspired beauty treats, I wanted to see what this fun store had to offer.

Ghost in the Dark Soap $6.95

Handmade fresh cosmetics that lather with lemongrass and cocoa butter, this is perfect for teenage skin. Who can’t resist these adorable citrus ghost soaps?! 👻

Lush halloween bath bombs

Bewitched Bubble Bar $6.95

Perfect for a fruity frothy bubble bath, this is a cute black cat will definitely not scare you. They crumble under your running water and bathe in fluffy bubbles. Your crazy cat lady friend will love these cute little bath bars.

Sparkly Pumpkin $6.95

One of my favorite things about Fall is the warm seasonal colors and pumpkin everything. Looking for a cute inexpensive Teachers gift, to show your appreciation? These cute Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bath bars are perfect to pair with a Thank You card. They’ll even be a big hit at your office holiday party, Friends-Giving! They’ll leave a soft citrus and berry scent on your skin after crumbling these cute bath bubble bars, plus a hint of sparkle.

Ectoplasm Shower Gel starting at $9.95

Shower creams are my favorite, you just apply them while you shower and you’ll be fresh with super soft skin. I can’t believe how fun and fruity the scents are, the designs on each handmade bar are so cool. Your skin will be soft and rejuvenated with ectoplasm shower gel.

Monsters’ Bath Bomb $6.95

If there is such thing as a unicorn monster, the Lush Monsters’ Bath Bomb would definitely fit the shoe. It creates pink and blue swirls in your bathtub and the aroma is lovely. Such a cute little monster for a gift and put together a sweet little gift basket.

Eyeball Bath Bomb $7.95

This is my favorite bath bomb, it’s scent is floral and filled with lavender aroma. This is perfect to enjoy after a long day of work, school, or adulting! Plus, it’s a funky cool design.

Two Headed Monster Wrapped Gift $17.95

I love that Lush Cosmetics offers cute little bundle gift sets with their bath bombs. They have an extra little style and cuteness for the person recieving these Halloween themed presents.

Fangs Wrapped Gift $11.95

Bewitched Wrapped Gift $32.95

A French Kiss Bubble Bar $9.95

I’ll be sure to share some of the fun Holiday bath bombs and soaps when they release this season. Hopefully they have a fun reindeer bath soap. Is it too early to think of Christmas?




    • LOL so yesterday my 7 year old mentioned an “iPod Phone” is on his xmas list, which he didn’t realize that’s just an iPhone. 😶

      • Omg haha!!!! Kids are to funny. My 3 year old told me that her brother (10 months old) can’t talk so she’ll create a list for him and I think he wants a play dough set to play with. Lol I’m like really?! He doesn’t know how to talk so he wouldn’t know how to play with a play dough set haha

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