1972 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40

When I was 16 years old my dad gave me a gift, not your normal present. It was a 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj40, some saw it as a waste of space, but not me. It needed work, lots of time and skill to turn this vehicle into the beast that it is now. 

oceano dunes pismo beach

My eleven year old self fell in love with the Fj40 model and knew I would treasure this off-road vehicle for years. The best memories with my dad were swamping through dunes, mud and enjoying the wind blow in my hair. I was always a tomboy, you’d find me in jeans and a baseball cap with the boys. Playing in the dirt, enjoying s’mores and not a care in the world. My dads Fj40 was also part of my first driving lesson, eventually becoming my first vehicle.

pismo beach oceano dunes

pismo beach toyota land cruiser 1972 fj40

These are a few upgrades that this FJ40 Land Cruiser has:

Lift Kit
Custom Roll Cage
New front and back Seats
Electrical Work
Upgrade to All Terrain Tires
Reinstall New Seat Belts
Mechanical Updates/Fixes
New Hood

1972 toyota land cruiser restoration

Who knew that this worn out Land Cruiser could looks so beautiful after so many years?! It could use a few more modifications, maybe a light bar, custom fabricated doors, and a nice roof rack for off-roading essentials. This is what I like to call, my “Zombie Crusher”😜 It’s come a long way and I couldn’t have done this without my dads mechanical skills and drive to get the beast on the road.

If you love off-roading, check out my post about Pismo Beach! You’ll love Oceano Dunes, it’s a great place to go camping and use your ATV’s as well.

One thing that I absolutely love is the freedom when driving. You get a sense of having no cares in the world. My boys love that they can quickly jump in and out of this vehicle.

I treasure this vehicle so much, it’s becoming an instant memory creator. Our next trip will be through the mountains of San Bernardino, the adrenaline rush when you are behind the wheel of this classic land cruiser is awesome.

Recently, I picked up this 15 ton heavy duty tow strap, you’ll want to pack one of these in your cruiser so you can pull some off road rescues that get stuck.

1972 toyota land cruiser

I often wonder what other families do for fun? I’d like to hope that my boys will remember the memories they will have with this classic cruiser. More adventures are yet to come!


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  1. I love what you’ve done to your Zombie Crusher! I have one too that my mom gave to me on my birthday back in 98. My boys are young and I am resurrecting it once again for them. It has become a family treasure and we look forward to many more years and adventures to come ☺

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