Getting into Spanish Cooking

If you have always wanted to try cooking more Spanish food, you are not alone. Many people enjoy Spanish food, and there are some amazing dishes out there that you can try if you are keen on getting more into that culture’s food. There is a certain joy to Spanish food that you rarely find elsewhere, and some of their big bold flavours are especially wonderful too. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the Spanish dishes that you might want to consider first if you are getting into Spanish cooking. Once you have mastered these essentials, you are going to find yourself cooking some amazing Spanish food in no time.


One of the true staples of Spanish food is the paella. Most people have had a paella at some point or another, and it is truly a wonderful dish that is well worth considering. For one thing, you can put almost anything in it, although a particularly common favourite is to put in seafood like prawns, mussels and clams – along with that Spanish old favourite, chorizo. If you take a look at a standard paella recipe, you will find that it recommends not to stir – this is actually essential if you want to get that traditional taste, and to get the burn on the bottom which is actually a good sign of a strong paella.


For something with a sweeter touch to it, why not try Spain’s most popular dessert – churros? You have probably had these at some time or another, and it is a common street food all around the world these days. What’s more, churros are deceptively simple to make, and yet will provide you with a delicious meal in no time at all. Essentially, you are making a doughnut, but what you put with it is what really counts, so consider serving them with a thick indulgent chocolate sauce to really get everyone’s attention.

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Catalan Beef Stew

At first glance, you might not think that there is anything particularly Spanish about a beef stew. However, it is something that the Catalans in particular love, and there is a specific way of cooking it that is known to be particularly good for beef stew that they do. One of the secrets to how they make it so delicious is chocolate, which you find cropping up in a lot of Spanish food, and it is something that really makes this dish complete.

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In truth, the word tapas just means that you are putting together a whole range of foods, but there are specific items which you are likely going to want to consider bringing together. Generally it will involve olives, good quality ham, cheeses and more, and part of the fun is that you can play around with it and deliver it however you like. However, you will want to learn how to put together good tapas if you are going to consider yourself a master of Spanish cooking.

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