DIY Starbucks Lime Refresher CopyCat Recipe

I made an easy Starbucks DIY recipe is your perfect summer days, try this Copycat Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher. It’s only 50 calories (16 0z), refreshing and cooling for those hot summer days. If I ever order a frapp, it’s always a Vanilla Bean as it has the least calories and it doesn’t really have a strong coffee taste, and my son loves it! I almost always get a Cool Lime Refresher or Passion Tea Sweetened. This would be perfect for a summer get together, a nice drink to freshen up your guest.

starbucks cool lime refresher


DIY Starbucks Lime Refresher Copycat Recipe


  • ¼ cup mint leaves, chopped finely
  • 1 cup peeled and chopped cucumber
  • 3 cups water
  • 3/4 cups of your favorite sweetener
  • 2 cups fresh lime juice
  • Add Lime Garnish (optional)

Takes ,
serves 16 oz.


  1. Strain cucumber and mint from water in jar/pitcher
  2. , pour cucumber water into juice pitcher
  3. stir in lime juice
  4. serve over ice

If you love this recipe, you will be thrilled to try my Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Copycat recipe as well! It’s my new favorite beverage and I’ll be sharing this with my friends for my next summer cookout. This is a kid-friendly beverage that will have your summer party kicking off and keeping your guest cool and hydrated.

Did you know?

Starbucks Rewards give freebies on your birthday, pretty sweet! If you are looking to score points on your purchases, be sure to sign up for the rewards program so it’s a win-win for your future on-the-go drinks.

Money Saving Hack Total: $1.54

Mint Leaf Tea Bag – 33 cents

1 cup peeled and chopped cucumber: 50 cents

3 cups water: free

¾ cups sugar: 21 cents

2 cups lime juice: 50 cents

Optional: lime garnish

Total: $1.54

Servings: Eight

Cost per serving: 19 cents

Starbucks price: $2.95 to $4.45





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