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How to score DISCOUNTS on Concert Tickets!

Ever wonder how to score discounts or deals on concert tickets? I have found something that works!! I’m very excited to share these few tips that helped me save money with my recent concert. 

First things first! If you have children, you may want to make it a date night. Ernie and I always overspend 😑with our projected budget when we take our kids. Plus, you genuinely enjoy the concert way more! Now onto the good stuff! Here’s what I did to save money on my Kiss – End of the Road Tour concert tickets.

  • Revise Prices on Different Websites
  • Search online for Coupon Codes, Swagbucks is great for this!
  • Check if your venue has discounts for parking, vendor purchases, etc.

I looked at concert ticket prices with TicketMaster, SeatGeek, and VividSeats, then found that SeatGeek was great selection for us as I was able to apply a discount code I found on

kiss end of the road tour

Beware of the PRICEY merchandise! Ernie bought me a shirt and the beanie (pictured above) for $90. Most people don’t care to spend the money, but if you’re looking to save, there’s no way to score discounts on merchandise.

kiss band end of the road concert

These are a few things we like to do, to make the most of our concert experience:

  • Buy lunch or dinner before we arrive
  • Charge up our cell phones
  • Bring a sweater/coat, some venues crank up the A/C
  • Prepare for long restroom lines, do this before your concert starts

If you are enjoying a really late show, you may want to consider traffic on your way to and from the concert. Give yourself enough time to arrive and depart. When we got to see Guns N Roses in concert, Axel Rose was actually late due to Los Angeles traffic.

I’m thinking of heading to Las Vegas to see a few other artists, what’s your favorite artist? Have you experienced a concert? We also love our local cities concerts in the park. Those are so much fun and your kids can enjoy the music.

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monster jam southern california


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