Toddler Country Birthday

I’ve been debating on what to do for Sonny’s 3rd Birthday.

He’s obsessed with anything that’s country related to farm animals, boots, cowboy stuff, you name it! There’s so many cute decorations on Etsy, it’s impossible to settle for one style.

I love this cute burlap banner from Etsy store: NhayesDesigns, $25 isn’t too bad! I love that she paints all of the farm animals and tractors. It’s such a lovely little decor piece that truly gives that southern theme. Who knows, maybe I can make this all under $10. I’m not too crafty, because I have just about NO TIME. Maybe it’ll become a Momma-Time project, did I ever mention, I love to paint? There’s still a few weeks to plan but here are some quick basic ideas I have. He’s also is asking for a Chuck E Cheese, Farmer, and Sea World birthday party. Looks like we need to decide on how we’re celebrating. As for the farm theme…

Here are a few ideas I have in mind:

  • Cow print cake
  • Lemonade  &  Punch stand
  • At our local Barnyard
  • Fruit & Veggies on tin platters
  • Grill hotdogs & hamburger

 Note: The link for the Etsy store will be updated soon. For some reason it isn’t allowing me to place it at the moment. 


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