3 Things that Help me find Happiness throughout my Day

Life gets busy, but don’t forget to take care of YOURSELF!!! Finding happiness when your a Mom can seem nearly chaotic because you might have a million To-Do’s that you want to fulfill. We all love our children to the end of the universe, but what about YOURSELF?!?! 

The love you had for yourself before you were a parent, before you were in a relationship, that perky fun teenager and young person, where has it gone? Do you feel disconnected to your youthful personality? How are you reconnecting with yourself?

Let me share 3 things that help me find happiness is my chaotic world! I’m nowhere near perfect, nor do I have myself fully together (even though it seems like it 99% of the time).

#1 Self Care at Home with Skin Care Treatments

I love trying new products and giving my skin care a few treatments before going to bed. It helps me relax and truly enjoy the peace, the little bit that I sneak away with while the boys are asleep. I can paint my face with a clay mask and listen to my favorite Pandora station.

Here are some products I like to use:

self care happiness

#2 Watch your Favorite Shows and Relax

Occasionally I’ll watch my favorite TV Shows, mostly when my kids are asleep and I can get a good laugh. I have a few that I’m currently checking out, they are full of comedy, lifestyle and totally family centered.

Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold are power houses in the Comedy show, The Neighborhood. You will be hooked with the laughter, it’s a show that I definitely recommend. Grab your snacks and check out some episodes on CBS.

Damon Wayans, Jr. and Amber Stevens West are hilarious in Happy Together, I relate to their characters so much! They play a happily married couple in their 30’s who are reconnecting with their younger selves.

The show reminds me so much of what I’m currently attempting in my personal life. LOL I won’t even attempt to sugar coat anything. I’m trying to stay on top of my anti-wrinkle game and adventure more with my husband.

Happy Together and The Neighborhood

#3 Explore New Hobbies

Disconnect from your everyday routine and find a new hobby, consider going on a hike. Travel more and explore new places. Attempt a new skill or hit up the beach. It can be something as simple as a ride around town. We love to just cruise and truly enjoy the sound of wind while we take a motorcycle ride.

My husband is reconnecting with his love for music and playing guitar. We just invested in some new music equipment and as much as I like to stay on top of budgeting and save money. Your self-care, sanity and happiness has no price tag. If you have the ability to invest into a new hobby, WHY NOT? What’s the BEST that can happen?

I was excited when LA Mamacitas extended an invitation to attend a Mommy Blogging Meet Up with Amber Stevens West and Tichina Arnold. They are so down to earth, extremely funny and instantly connected with everyone in the room. Blogging is still fairly new to me and I absolutely love it! This is a new hobby that brings me happiness, even if it’s a little glimpse of sharing my favorite recipes, adventures, or cool bargain deals that I find.

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