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4 Reasons Your Child Might Be Struggling At School

Have you found lately that your child is struggling and not doing quite as well in school as you hoped? There are numerous reasons why this could be the case, there are many factors to educational stress. It’s important that you, as their parent, don’t despair, panic or give up. Some of these issues are easier to solve than others while certainly, difficulties will take more time and effort. But with the right approach and a certain amount of willpower you can help your child push through them. So, let’s take a look at some of the issues that your child could be facing. 

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Sensory Trouble

It is possible that your child is struggling to hear or see what is being taught. This could be the case if your child is excelling in some classes and struggling in others. It’s important to question where they are sitting in the room. Perhaps they are at the very back of the class and can’t see the board properly. Remember, a young child won’t be able to tell you if they need glasses. They could be experiencing anything from headaches to eye strain and be unclear why this is impacting them. Eye problems are common in children and that’s why you should get them checked out regularly. 

Hearing issues are less common but they can develop. At one point, Sonny was mentioning that he couldn’t hear us too well. We weren’t sure what was going on but thankfully it was minor. Hearing may not be a permanent issue, it could simply be due to a buildup of earwax. If that’s the case all it takes is a cleanout to ensure that your child will be able to hear properly. This can be completed by an audiologist. Once they receive the right treatment, you might find that problems at school are resolved quite quickly. 


Of course, there are more complex issues like bullying. One report revealed that 75% of children feel as though they have been bullied in some way by the time they reach 18. Now, the good news is that most bullying is surface level and isn’t extensive. It may only last a couple of days. However, some children are targeted for longer and get picked on constantly. This can be frustrating, upsetting and it may even lead to problems like depression or children skipping school altogether. 

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for bullying. Your first step will be to ensure that you are aware if there is an issue. This is about guaranteeing that your child will open up to you. You should also be aware of the school’s stance on bullying. Many schools these days have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and this is perhaps the best option. It’s important to take the matter seriously because bullying can have far more serious consequences than falling behind on school work. 

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Various research has shown that kids these days are incredibly stressed and need more support than ever to get through school. It’s understandable why this might be the case. After all, from a very early age, we begin to push children to perform academically. At the same time children are encouraged to take up extracurricular activities which add to even more stress. This can lead to problems with kids feeling completely overwhelmed. It means that they struggle to balance their school and personal life. That’s why you need to make sure that you are doing your part to help your child relax just a little more. This could be as simple as taking them on small vacations through the year or having family film nights. Anything that allows them to breathe in between school is worth considering. 

Kids shouldn’t be dealing with high amounts of stress from an early age but it’s true to say that a lot of them certainly are. 

Struggling With One Subject

Finally, it’s important to note that children don’t typically excel in every subject. They will have weak and strong areas. Some kids are great in math while others will be fantastic with English and literature. If you do find that your child is struggling in one subject, there are a few different paths to consider. For instance, you can think about exploring different learning methods. Not all children learn in the same way and this is something that teachers often forget. 

Alternatively, you can think about arranging extra attention. For instance, you might want to consider hiring a tutor. Some kids just need a little extra time on certain subjects to get to the point that they need to be. A tutor can help here and is often not as expensive as most parents assume. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the reasons why your child could be struggling in school and how to approach this issue the right way. 

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