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5 Christmas Tradition Ideas

Kids love the excitement of Christmas, this year we’ve been adding more holiday traditions throughout the year. These are 5 Kid Friendly Christmas Traditions  that you can start NOW! December is our favorite countdown month, it’ll be the first time we start the Advent Calendar, and my boys are stoked. 

I try to be mindful and show the boys that toys and materialistic items that make up the Christmas spirit. It’s the memories that we build with our families, to enjoy another holiday season with our loved ones. Yet, how do you explain that to a 3-year-old? By simply showing them and spending time with them, building up their excitement for quality time spent together.

25 days of Christmas movies

25 Days of Christmas Movies – Watch them with Hot Cocoa

I remember watching my favorite Christmas TV Movies with my Ma (grandma) on the ABC channel, we would grab our favorite snacks and snuggle in our Pajamas every night. Now that we so many people have opted to ditch cable television, you can still enjoy Christmas movies every night. I found some affordable Christmas movies at Walmart and Target, they have HUGE selection if you like to collect DVDs/Blue-Rays.

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Display or Make your own Holiday Decorations Together

Sonny and Zachary love to set up our Christmas Tree, we play music, set out all of our decorations and just single along to music. My husband will set the star, that’s his little touch of Christmas tradition and we twinkle the lights on. If you’re on a tight budget, the Dollar Stores have the cutest small trees, many ornaments and so many fun decorations. We’ve also kept the boys busy during their holiday break, by crafting our own decorations.

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Wear your Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve

Every year I’ll buy my boys a new set of cute Christmas Pajamas, they get excited to wear the cute Elf and Santa Claus inspired PJ’s. You can check out my post with family matching christmas pajamas, I loved the Grinch theme ones I found this year! They have many styles to select from, I like to buy a thin cotton material and the fleece thick material for those extra cold nights. Sometimes the boys uncover themselves throughout the night and this reassured me that they’re at least covered in warm Pajamas. Disney Store also has some fun holiday pajamas for the family. Recently, they had a great selection under $15.

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disney christmas slippers

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Tradition

We love our little Elf on the Shelf, the boys named our first elf, Peter, and the second one is named Chippy. There are some creative ideas on Pinterest for your Elf activities, some parents get super creative. I personally love to see how creative my Facebook friends get with their family elf. It’s a cute tradition and the younger kids absolutely love it. This one is actually my favorite of our 5 kids Christmas traditions that we have listed.

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The key is to not let the kids touch the Elf so they don’t remove his Christmas Magic. Eventually they’ll outgrow the secret but it’s fun to let them enjoy it during the countdown to Christmas. The Elf on the Shelf ranges from $25-$30 in most retail stores. They even came out with Elf Pets, which are so adorable and the kiddos are encouraged to cuddle with them to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

making gingerbread houses

Build Gingerbread Houses with your Family

Last year we hosted a Christmas party with all of our cousins, friends and family. This year my cousin is hosting and we are taking our own Gingerbread Houses or Gingerbread Cookies to decorate. It was fun, chaotic and such a cool memory. My boys loved it and asked if we are going to celebrate again. You can check out how we hosted our Gingerbread Christmas Party here, it turned into a birthday celebration for our Elf on the Shelf. This year we attended a Friendsgiving to wrap gifts for foster children, this was another great way to give back to our community and make it an annual tradition.

What are your Family Traditions?

If your family has any traditions, please share, I’d love to see what others do during the holidays. We hope you can select one of our favorite 5 kids christmas traditions that we loved. Share them with your kiddos! This also helps me incorporate new ideas into our little family lifestyle.


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elf on the shelf tradition


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