Family Matching Pajamas for Christmas + Cute Grinch & Yeti Pj’s

I love Christmas and the idea of wearing family matching pajamas is so cool. Now if I can convince my husband to actually wear these on Christmas morning would be SPecTacULAR! If you dig the idea of your children wearing nice comfy Pj’s for their holiday season (or just for your Instagram photo 😆), check out these cute sets that I found.

JC Penney has a cute selection in stores now! Look at these adorable Grinch family pajamas, they totally fit my family, we’re a house of grouchy people. Ernie is a hibernating bear, Sonny is straight up lazy and needs at least 10 hours of sleep. Zachary is my early bird, we’re both up and ready to start our days at 6am. Honestly, he’s the reason why I need coffee every morning, to keep up with his high energy in the mornings.

Check out these Christmas Pajamas…

Girls 2pc Grinch Pajamas are on Sale as low as $14.99

The selections online are awesome, I even have a cute Pet Pj outfit for your dog to join the family photo. Who doesn’t like these cute little Whooville residence?!?!

Fun Yeti inspired Pajamas

Kohl’s has an awesome selection online, not yet in stores (coming soon) but you can still take advantage of their killer online sales. I love that they actually have a cool YETI in store for quick impromptu photo shoots. Now that the new movie, Small Foot will be releasing soon, be prepared for all of these cool Yeti inspired holiday items. It’s going to be the next big thing!

Check out the Yeti inspired matching family jammies I found on They even have cool one piece Yeti pajamas! Which are awesome for your kiddos, they also have some for adults.

Traditional Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

If you are more traditional, JC Penney and Kohl’s both have plaid and fun traditional matching family pajamas. I thought these cute Polar Bear styles are cute, they are nostalgic for me. They remind me of a fleece sweater that my Ma (grandma) gave me, many Christmas’ ago.

Be sure to check out my previous post, a holiday guide for Gifts that Men that don’t stink and they will actually like. They can be the toughest crowd to shop for! Here are some other selections that I found at my local JC Penney location.

family matching christmas pajamas

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