10 Low Carb Restaurant Meals for Dining Out

Try these 10 low carb restaurant meals that help me keep track of my carbohydrate intake. By reducing the overall carbs I’m having throughout the day, it’s allowing me to manage my weight. Plus, I can still enjoy dining out when we adventure out-of-town.

Low carb restaurant meals#1 Mexican Restaurant Shrimp Fajitas

Sea food is a big hit in my family, when we are out with family or friends, this is a great selection to still watch your low carbohydrate intake. Although I’m not a dietician, this is a great option to select with veggies and protein with low-calorie intake. Most Mexican food restaurants have these delicious options available.

#2 Ihop Steak Burgers (with no buns or fries)

Ihop recently announced their delicious steak burgers, I can’t even explain how yummy they are. I love that we can always rely on an Ihop location if we leave the area and venture to a new city. It’s our safe zone breakfast place, and now can totally be a safe zone LOW CARB location! I ordered my steak burger with bunless and substituted my fries with a salad. Totally fulfilled my appetite, the protein burger was more than I expected.

#3 Olive Garden Chicken Piccata

Olive Garden is known for the carb loaded pasta meals, but you can enjoy a low carb meal too. Order the Chicken Piccata for lunch or dinner. My boys even loved the sauce covered chicken! You will not be disappointed with this item. With plenty of pasta restaurants, you can confidently order this when you’re onto your next family getaway.

low carb fast food

As much as I dislike fast food, we all need to make a quick stop for lunch sometimes. Let me share more options for your low carb meals on the go!

#5 Red Robin Ensenada Salad

Chicken breast loaded with flavorful seasonings and served with a zesty salad. One of my favorite menu items that helps me control my carb intake. You can avoid the heavy dressing and order it on the side. The veggies and seasonings will be more than enough. Who knew that a dine-in burger joint would have such delicious salads?!!

#5 McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Burger (bunless with no fries)

Drive-Thru is so convenient and thankfully the restaurant can customize your menu burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a carb loaded bun. You can actually order any burger with no buns and no fries, limit your sauce and it’s a low carb meal via drive-thru. I’ve ordered these for myself when my boys are exhausted from an adventure and we can’t make it through a dine-in restaurant.

#5 Subway Spicy Italian Salad

I dislike a boring salad, but Subway’s Spicy Italian Salad is definitely NOT that. My husband isn’t a salad type of guy, and he actually loved this menu item. I picked one up for lunch and could not believe the amount of flavor that these toppings create on a salad. Highly recommended!


 #6 In-N-Out Protein Style Burger

Low Carb burger heaven! In-N-Out is notorious for the delicious and freshly made burgers. If you are on a low carb diet or meal plan, you must run and get your protein style burger. Melting cheese, fresh beef patty and deliciousness in every bite. You will not be disappointed!

#7 Hot Wings

Spicy hot wings are full of protein and a quick bite. They make an excellent want to enjoy the football game and not indulge in carbs.

#8 Panera Bread Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken

A salad with protein and filled in the perfect to-go bowl. You can order this, pick up and head out! Or dine in and connect to wi-fi for your quick-lunch break between working hours. I love that they have so many low carb options and they’re truly satisfying.

#9 Grilled Chicken Salad

You can’t go wrong wherever you roam, with a grilled chicken salad. It’s a safe zone and available at almost every restaurant. Easy on the dressing to make sure you’re sticking to your low carb plan.

#10 Fish and Sea Food

High protein, low calorie and low carb. You can select a fish or sea food dish that fits your diet or special requests at most restaurants. I love that there are so many new options available at nearly all restaurant chains.

If you aren’t too familiar with the menu, you can simply ask for a suggested meal that is low carb and the waitress can be sure to get the order placed. Most fast food restaurants are familiar with the “bunless” or “lettuce wrapped” burgers so don’t feel uncomfortable for this request. You can check out my Jalapeno Poppers recipe, they’re a low carb appetizer. Great for your next gathering or snack for your guest.



  1. OMG this is such a good post. I needed this so I can stop saying no to paves and making them work for my weight watchers.

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