Banish Boring Breakfast With These Unusual And Delicious Offerings

If you’re sick of soggy cereal for breakfast, then you have come to the right place. Banish those boring breakfast dishes with a few unusual and delish options. In fact, there is a whole world of morning culinary treats to sample with some of the best detailed below. 


First off if you are looking for something both totally different from the usual western breakfast fair and totally delicious then why not give Poha a go? For those that have not come across it before, Poha is flattened rice, and mixed with other yummy ingredients is a typical Maharashtrian breakfast dish. 

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It’s also jammed packed full of health benefits as well. With the rice providing plenty of fibre to keep you filled up until lunch! It’s a spicy dish too with plenty of green chillies and fragment coriander to give it that essentially fragrant flavour. 

The good news is that it’s not a complicated dish to master at all. In fact, you want to find out how to make poha, all you need to do is follow the previous link! You won’t be sad you did either, just don’t be surprised if it becomes more of a regular fixture in your breakfast menus! 

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Black pudding scotch eggs 

The world is split into two types of people, those that know what a Scotch egg is and those that don’t. In fact, outside of the UK, the concert of the scotch egg can be viewed with trepidation, and despite their excellent combination of sausage, egg and breadcrumbs that make them perfect for breakfast. 

Of course, the fact that they come all neatly packed up in their own little parcel means they are an excellent choice for breakfast on the go as well. 

Now, after this rip-roaringly positive review, you may well be thinking, that’s it, I’m sold scotch eggs truly are the most perfect breakfast food. However, I’m not done quite yet, because have you ever considered replacing the traditional sausage player with black pudding? Yes, that right just when you thought things couldn’t get any better another delicious twist is added to the mix. You can even find my recipe for these savoury delights here

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Sheepherder’s Breakfast

While you may not be familiar with Sheepherder’s Breakfast as a dish, you will definitely know the ingredients! We are talking about all the good breakfast stuff, including bacon, hash browns, eggs, and cheese! Mmmmm! Oh and a little hint of onions, that you should definitely not forget! 

It’s just with this dish they are arranged a little differently and baked into a stovetop skillet casserole. Something that results in not only an unusual dish to serve at your next family breakfast or brunch but one that looks great as well. 

Kedgeree recipe

Finally, another rice-based dish Kedgeree also contains smoked haddock and curry, which for most people aren’t the most typical breakfast foods at all. 

However, despite this less than common pairing Kedgeree is a much-loved breakfast dish the world over. There is a good reason for this too, it’s actually delicious! Therefore, if you fancy mixing things up a bit at breakfast time, then why not try out the recipe here. 

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