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Our Way Forward: Ovarian Cancer Support Community

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Our Way Forward/TESARO, all opinions and stories are based on my own personal experience.

There are so many women facing many types of cancer and seeking a support community to find advice and support. Our Way Forward is a place to find helpful resources for the emotional and physical aspects of ovarian cancer.

As the fifth most common cause of cancer death in women, with well over 22,000 women diagnosed in the United States each year, it’s crucial for those impacted by ovarian cancer to hear the stories and experiences from real women and care partners to help navigate the challenges of the disease.

The women closest to me and that are a major influence in my life were affected by cancer. My mom, who was a teenage mother, developed cancer but thankfully was detected at an early stage. My Ma (grandma) fought her breast cancer, which turned to lung cancer and later developed cancerous brain tumors and struggled with her health for more than 3 years. Resources available at the time of their cancer journeys were difficult to obtain as my generation was still trying to understand the power of the internet.

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Shannon Miller, a talented 7x Olympic medalist in gymnastics was diagnosed with ovarian cancer as well. She fought many strong battles between finding the strength to continue chemotherapy, hair loss and much more. As a mother with a young toddler, she had to gain the strength to move forward!

After experiencing my grandma battling her fight with breast cancer, the best advice I could give to another family experiencing this is to create a supportive community. Enjoy every moment with your loved one, make them comfortable and be understanding.

There were plenty of crying moments, alone. That is a lonely place, it’s okay to seek help, or even to express your feelings with a community. Know that you are not alone and that there are communities, like Our Way Forward, to help with resources and guidance.

OurWayForward.com is an amazing community in which women facing ovarian cancer develop empowerment through their helpful resources.

our way forward


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