hiding gift cards in a box for white elephant

Christmas White Elephant | Fun way to Disguise a Gift

Do you have a holiday party coming up? Or you may be hosting a White Elephant gift exchange. Not sure what to buy as an exciting gift? Let me share the gift I put into our Christmas party game. My goal was to secretly disguise the best part of the holiday gift I selected so that nobody would want to take home the set of glass bowls. As expected, everyone was after the gift cards during the game.

christmas gift idea

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, because I love to give, see the excitement and all of my families happiness. It’s also one of the most challenging because we need to get creative with the White Elephant Exchange that my family hosts annually. If you’re not familiar with the White Elephant game, check out the game rules here.

hiding gift cards for white elephant gift

Select Universal Gifts 

I always look for a boxed gift that is universal (perfect for disguising items), this way if a male or female selects the item, they can both utilize it. Try to make the general gift to look boring, this way nobody will want to “steal” during the game. They’ll be in total shock at the end of the game when you mention that they should open the box!

Disguise your Gift inside a Box

You’ll want to decide what your most valued gift item will be and place it into the box. I taped two gift cards that valued up to the amount our group agreed to spend, secured them nicely so that they’re hidden.

Sneak in Exciting COOL Items

Everyone loves gift cards, that’s a safe zone. You can opt for  gift certificates, movie tickets, lottery scratchers, cash, headphones, anything that your group will love.

candy for gingerbread house decorating

Looking for a kid friendly Holiday Party idea? Check out my Elf on the Shelf party post, we had so much fun making cute gingerbread houses. A great tip for your gingerbread house party guest, use cupcake liners to individualize the candy for each guest. This way everyone has a little stash to decorate with. You can kick it up a notch by adding a gift exchange that is creative, such as a DIY gift, or a slime exchange, have fun with it!

hiding gift cards for white elephant gift


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