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6 Tips for Designing a Calming Bedroom for your Kids

Your child’s bedroom should be a comfy, little haven where they feel safe and love spending their time there. Let the room be inviting enough to make the child comfortable sleeping and waking up. 

The elements in the bedroom are important for their physical and mental health. A healthy and calming bedroom is where the soul, body, and mind rejuvenate. 

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Not sure where to start? These tips will guide and help you design a soothing space for your kid. 


When it comes to your child’s room, you need to approach it from a practical and safe point of view. These spaces are multifunctional, and kids might not know the dos and don’ts. 

Natural light is important with kids’ playrooms and bedrooms. It fosters easy and safe movements, especially when they get to the Lego stage. You can install the ambient overhead lighting for evening play, which can be in the form of a spotlight or pendant. 

If the room is spacious, you can highlight the play areas with stunning hanging pendants. 

Importantly, choose gentle lighting to create a soothing and cozy atmosphere in the room. If you’re into creating a smart home with a touch of technology, then LED smart bulbs are the ultimate choice. 

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Buy Unique Bedroom Furniture 

Children’s furniture has to fulfill certain requirements, and it’s not just about loft or trundle beds. From comfort to durability concerns, price, and safety issues, decorating a child’s room can be enthralling. 

The CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) has a set of guidelines for goods engineered for use by kids under the age of twelve years, including beddings, toys, and furniture. 

Furniture made with sporting sharp edges and from fragile materials is life-threatening to your child. Kids give dressers, desks, beds, and dressers a heck of beating.  

Options like standard bunk beds and desk beds are a flexible choice in bedding. Ensure you inspect any unit you want to buy. 

Storage is also a crucial consideration. Children tend to accumulate lots of stuff, especially toys. Invest in adjustable closets, baskets, bins, or shelves. 

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Declutter the Room 

A messy bedroom will affect your child’s sleep even if the lights are off. Find out how you can clear clutter and organize the room.  Clutter leads to sensory overload. 

Keep clothes, toys, books, and other supplies in baskets, shelves, cupboards, or covered boxes to avoid the anxiety caused by clutter. Ensure there is the proper placement of desks, storage, and beds. 

Play with Color Psychology 

You’ll realize most kindergartens are designed in baby blue or pale pink, as these are soothing and calming hues. Create a neutral yet inviting space by painting the room with bold colors. 

Yellow will make the room cheerful and bright, energizing kids to get their homework done on time. Aqua is a versatile color that can blend with other colors like green, yellow, pink, and coral. Play with color psychology to bring out the best of your child’s bedroom. 

The Bottom Line 

These tips come in handy if you want to create a relaxing kids’ bedroom. You may come up with other strategies until your children’s bedroom becomes a safe and comfy space. 


kids playing in new house empty bedroom


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