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Hat Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Hat storage ideas shouldn’t be complicated, especially for small spaces. We live in a tiny house, storage space is always limited and I try to avoid cluttering our home. Recently, after going through our spring cleaning, I was overwhelmed with my hats. I counted over 20 hats 😳 that mostly belong to me.

hat organization with rings on hanger
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You can follow me on Pinterest, where you’ll see all of my home, adventure and food ideas. I found so many inspiring ideas for my hat organization, from simple storage, home storage, small space organization, you name it. The millennial in me, went straight to and started browsing the products to help organize my hats. There were so many ideas for cubbies and over the door hangers, but my goal was to hide these hats. Keep them tucked away so my room doesn’t feel cluttered.

hat organization ideas for small houses

Hat Storage Under $10

I found this cool  hanger sleeve that fits on any size hanger, which has small hat clips attached to organize your space and storage away in your closet. This has been one of the best products I’ve found and I’m so excited to finally have a designated space for my accessories.

Easy and affordable hat organization for small houses

The hats hang off each individual clip but they do not have a crease indentation when you remove and wear the piece. The grip isn’t firm enough to leave markings on the bill of your hats.

With young boys, it’s always hard to find ways to keep our home organized and declutter. I love that there are many affordable products that help reduce the stress of a clean home. Recently we’ve been decluttering and finding ways to donate gently used items, not only does it help the environment, but it helps someone who may need it and appreciate its further use.

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