10 Apps to Help You Save Money (Family & College Student Friendly)

Do you ever feel like you are constantly dreading to pay full price for something you know is over-priced? I love that we have so many new convenient ways to save money with only your cell phone. No tacky savings cards on your key chain, just download these 10 apps to help you save money on clothing, groceries, travel, vacations, gym memberships and more! 

Most of these cell phone applications are available for Androids and iPhones. I personally use all ten of these apps and have made over $50 cash back and saved over $100 within a single monthly use. Now onto the list of my Top Ten Money Saving Apps!

#1 Target

I love online shopping, but sometimes going into the store (without the kids!) is just fun to browse and check out the clearance racks. If you can’t drive to your local store, don’t worry – Target.com has you covered. You can use the Cartwheel discounts online and in store. I love that they offer great discounts on toys, their app is super easy to use and self-explanatory. Just create your account, add your offers or discounts and scan your app to apply all of these money-saving deals. Download the Target App right here!

Saving money with Targets Cartwheel App

#2 Walmart

If you’re looking for a hassle free way to get your savings, just download the Walmart App. They have a savings service that allows you to simply scan your receipt and earn money back via e-gift card. You can save your cash back and use it towards your next purchase in store or on Walmart.com (awesome with free in-store pick-up). I love that my groceries get matched the lowest price within my area. Download the Walmart App right here. 

#3 Ibotta

The most convenient way to save money has become through cash back apps, iBotta is super easy to use and legit. You basically select a product offer that gives your cash back for the purchase, add your offer. Once you purchased your item you redeem your cash back by simply uploading the receipt and accumulate to your first deposit. The minimum amount is $20 to get a direct deposit to your bank or Paypal account. The great part is you can actually redeem e-gift cards instead of having a deposit. These are awesome for unexpected gifts for family and friends. You can use my referral link here, so I can score some points for sharing the app with you.

#4 Checkout 51

It’s extremely similar to Ibotta, however they tend to have different cash back products that you can redeem for deposits. It’s identical structure of “add your offer, redeem with receipt, get cash back” makes these savings tricks super simple. Go Here to get the App for iPhones, they also have it available for Androids.


#5 Workout Apps 

I have a favorite app that I purchase with a monthly subscription, it’s very affordable and effective.  “Workout” found on iPhones via your App Store is only $6/month and you can take weekly courses. They offer convenience, affordability, and save you time! The fitness exercises vary from easy, moderate, advance and they are a killer! You’ll definitely love ditching the gym membership for this app. Plus, if you have no free-weights, they have plenty of full body workouts that do not require equipment.

#6 Buying / Selling /Trading Apps (OfferUp)

There are so many new buying, selling and trading apps, my brother religiously uses “OfferUp”. He likes to sell products that he no longer uses and buy fun outdoor gear at a really low-cost. These apps not only save you money when you’re looking for a bargain and don’t mind purchasing gently used items, but you can make a profit by selling your unwanted products. I’ve seen so many stay at home moms make extra spending cash by selling old clothing, furniture, appliances, etc.

#7 Apps for your Favorite Stores: Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret, Pink, etc.

These are my favorite ways to get freebies, store apps that reward you with points towards full size products (Bath and Body Works Rewards App). Pink and Victoria’s Secret also rewards their app users with free products with their purchases once they show the associates their app promotion. Simply download your favorite store apps and show them the exclusive offers to redeem your points or freebie.

  • Note: this also applies to restaurants and fast food chains: McDonald’s, Chili’s Bar and Grill, Pollo Loco, Pizza Rev, etc.

#8 SkyScanner App

If you’re planning your next vacation and have flexible dates to use that paid time off, download the SkyScanner app and browse for cheap flights. This is the perfect way to save money on your next getaway, family vacation, or simply plan your next fun trip. You’ll be able to select “cheapest month” or “flexible” for your dates to see which price points fit your budget. Plus, they have a huge selection of different getaway destination deals.

#9 AirBNB

This money-saving app gives you a luxury way to getaway from your home and feel cozy in a hosted AirBNB vacation home. Whether you’re looking to stay for a few days or enjoy an extended vacation, you can save money for a luxury style home rental. These are the best tools for family getaways as you can select the property that will fit your family needs.

#10 Fiverr

With so many new jobs and businesses popping up, millennial are creating new creative content online would prefer to save time and money when they outsource their work. If you’re a new entrepreneur you definitely want to check out Fiverr.com they have awesome designers to help you create a nice business logo. The services are unlimited to the talent that some of these designers and writers have. If you’re a creative designer you can list your services and charge in $5 increments for your services.



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