when is a good age for kids to ride dirtbikes

When is a good age to introduce kids to ride dirt bikes?

Not sure when to introduce your kids to riding dirt bikes? Camping, four wheeling and learning to ride my first dirt bike has always been some of the best childhood memories I experienced with my dad. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t try, I had no limits, no fears. Every child has a different rate that they mature. Now that my boys are growing from toddlers into young kids, I love taking them outdoors to experience new adventures. Plus, it helps that they are learning to understand basics about safety.

young kids riding dirt bikes

Kids learning to ride dirt bikes – safety first!

Some kids won’t understand and grasp the concept behind throttle control, they’re new to the idea and it’s okay. As parents we need to take a step back and let them get comfortable before expecting them to know all of the safety features of a new sport. Just like baseball, soccer, or any other sport, you’ll need to teach them the very basics. There’s been a few occasions when I’ve seen overly excited parents put their 5 or 6-year-old children on motocross bikes without training wheels. Immediately they’ll fall, and possibly not want to ride again. Always have a helmet on your child, let them ride with training wheels, use additional gear like chest protectors and goggles.

  • Always wear a Helmet
  • First Aid Kits – Keep one in your backpack or vehicle
  • Communicate the basics: Brakes, Throttle and Balance

Training Wheels for Dirt Bikes

They exist! 🙌 We purchased our dirt bike from a Facebook resale group, it was previously owned by a family. They wanted to introduce their kids to dirt bikes but unfortunately they altered some important stock parts, for aftermarket parts. Just a tip: be sure to find out if all items are stock or if they have made alternative changes to the motorcycle if you’re buying used. The cool thing about this investment, we got a set of dirt bike training wheels to help ease our boys into learning how to balance themselves. Amazon.com has Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots which are universal training wheels for all Makes and Models that work with smaller dirt bikes. I love them because it helps Sonny ride comfortably with control, while learning to balance himself.

Introducing young kids to motocycles

Introducing Toddlers to a Power Wheel Quad

Zachary is so eager to jump on the dirt bike, he’s definitely not ready yet. At 3 years old, he doesn’t understand throttle control. Once your toddler can properly balance themselves, they’ll get so excited to see the fun they can have on a Power Wheel Quad. There are many varieties online, this is how we prepared Sonny when he was just under 2 years old. Zachary will be getting a power wheel this Christmas, a slightly bigger one so he can enjoy it outdoors. Check out the tires when you purchase the toddler power wheels, almost all of them have plastic tires. They are not necessarily meant for too much exposure to rocks and harsh gravel. They may crack and break. You can find some brands that sell kids power wheel quads with rubber tires, maybe even a tougher plastic material.

Introducing kids to dirt biking

Basic Dirt Bike Gear for Kids

There are many options and price points for kids dirt bike gear. You can save money by finding them used on Buying and Selling Apps and Facebook Groups. We purchased our gear on Amazon, some items are available in bundle kits. Here are some basic essentials you’ll want to purchase and a few to consider:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Chest Protector
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Knee/Shin Guards
  • Jersey and Pants

Benefits of Riding Dirt Bikes

Health Fitness Revolution has shared 10 benefits of Dirt Biking, here are some of my favorite key points about this fun sport. Your heart rate is increased, just imagine that adrenaline rush and the endurance to ride for over an hour! Your children are learning to balance themselves, using their legs, arms and body weight. They’ll burn calories as they gradually learn to ride obstacles and different trails, the terrain can be muddy, bumpy, and pushing through those is definitely a workout.

The American Motorcyclist Association shared some really great Riding Together Tips!  Which covers anything and everything that a parent would like to know when they’re introducing young children to dirt biking.

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when is a good age for kids to ride dirtbikes



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