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Elf on the Shelf Christmas Party for Kids

Elf on the Shelf has become our annual Christmas Tradition, it’s a fun way to help keep the Christmas spirit alive. I’ll admit, I have my Bad Mom moments and forget to move Peter the Elf every now and then. Last year we had a “Birthday Party” for Peter (our elf) the week before Christmas, which was a totally disaster filled mess. has the Elf on the Shelf for $25-$30 Here is a little sneak peek of the holiday party…

Elf on the Shelf party kit

Scout Elf Party Pack

We bought the Elf on the Shelf party pack on Amazon  ($24), but Walmart also carries it for $25, sold in-stores. The downside about the party pack, it only holds a set for 8 guest. You can also substitute the Elf theme with a cute holiday theme that your local dollar store may have. I’d love to hold a Grinchmas party soon, I’d love to share a Dollar Store Haul for the items I’d buy to host the party.

Gingerbread House Kits

I purchased 15 Gingerbread House Kits ($5 each) from my local Five Below store (store locator), you can also ask your guest to bring their own. To be totally honest, the gingerbread house decorating was a total mess 😐. Lesson learned! Next time I’ll provide gingerbread cookies, I took bundle kit from my local Walmart for $7 and it came with 12+ cookies.

It was a complete disaasstteerr!!!! My house had frosting on the wood floors, Mike & Ike, M&M’s, Gum Drops, all sorts of candies were squished under my chairs. We had mini candy balls were rolling around the tiny living room. Kids were upset that their houses were not staying up, just collapsing because they didn’t wait for the frosting to dry. Look at my proof down below…

gingerbread house fail

ugly gingerbread house decorating

holiday party


holiday party snacks

Holiday Snack Ideas

Since we hosted our event on a Friday night, everyone arrived after work (including myself) and we just bought the dessert selection available at my local Super Walmart.

  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Sugar Cookies with Frosting
  • Brownies
  • Candy Canes
  • Red Velvet Cake Balls
  • Candy Cane Dipped Marshmallows (only dessert we made)

Gingerbread House Decorating

We used cupcake liners to hold a variety of candy for each child so they can decorate their little gingerbread houses. Place these on a tray to stabilize them and keep them from spilling.

candy for gingerbread house decorating

candy cane marshmallow

diy christmas dessert

We had pizza for the kiddos and mexican food for the adults with a few tamales. This was our impromptu Elf on the Shelf party because my boys are spoiled and decided that our Elf needed to celebrate his birthday.

I recommend hosting a cookie decorating party, as you can see my total fail and mess was not too lovely. At the end of the night, everyone enjoyed themselves and I had sticky floors to clean lol. It’s a more controlled mess with the cookies, and you won’t have crying children when the houses collapse.

decorating gingerbread cookies

DIY christmas cookie decorating

These are some of the CUTE gingerbread houses

that survived the night!


christmas party

By the way, the adults had to help A LOT for these houses. They had to prevent a gingerbread house fail and it was difficult with impatient children wanting to overload their tiny house with tons of candy. Now let me invite you to read my Christmas White Elephant post, I’ve shared my sneak and creative way to hide gift cards!


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holiday christmas party


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