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Party Planning Tips for the Smart DIY-er

Life never stops offering reasons to celebrate, but sadly most people’s wallets don’t feel the same. However, this does not always spell a death sentence for your party-to-be and all of the ideas that would make it rock. Let me share my simply party planning tips, they’re easy DIY’s. Planning your party has never been more doable in the age of DIY, with more resources than ever waiting for you to discover them.

Today we have a little list of some tips and tricks you can use when planning your party or event. Incorporate these into your planning process, and you’ll be amazed how much smoother everything goes.

Let’s dive in!

Utilize Natural Decorations

If you live in a woodsy area, have young children, or love the outdoors, consider this low budget option for decorations. Natural decorations, or decorations made out of wood, stone, or other items found in nature, immediately lend a down-to-earth and homey feel to any of your events. Since they’re made from natural materials and often hold up well outside, this means minimal cleanup as well. 

This kind of decor is a win-win, as it’s perfect for the “lazy” among us who don’t have time for extensive installation and cleanup and it plays quite nicely with even the smallest of wallets.

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Seek Event Coordination Help

Being in charge of everything certainly has its perks: you make all the calls, you decide who does what and what goes where, and ideally, you have very few people peeking over your shoulder and telling you what you should be doing differently. However, that’s not to say that running the show never gives you headaches, especially if you’re the one responsible for finding all the business and vendors that will be sponsoring and helping with your event.

Fortunately, business-like Eventual Listings take all the guesswork out for you. Find vendors and local businesses that can get you from Point A to Point B anytime, anywhere.

Party Checklists

Organization is a crucial aspect of party and event planning no matter who is involved, but it becomes even more critical if you’re calling all the shots. Maintain your budget and sanity by creating monthly checklists, or lists with action items that are meant to be completed by a particular time.

For example, 2-3 months out, you should be finalizing the budget, date, theme, and guest list. Also, book the accommodations and any vendors you may need for the event. When you’re one month out, send invitations, nail down any remaining decor details, plan party activities, and order food and beverages. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way to do all of this, but top event planners strongly recommend following a plan similar to this one, as it will minimize stress and keep the trajectory of your event smooth.

We hope these small adjustments will help make your event or party a smashing success. It’s easy to dream up the best party ever but making it a reality is an entirely different story. Hopefully, you know now that planning an event by yourself isn’t rocket science–it just takes some planning, some organization, and a little confidence as well.

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Hotel Transylvania 3 summer vacation


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