Perfect The Potluck Before Your Next Dinner Party

If there is one thing that every neighborhood community should do at least once, it’s a potluck dinner. Looking for an easy party dinner idea for your next event? These are quick side dish or main entree ideas for your party! Hosting a potluck is a great way to bring people together, and it’s a great way to experience new dishes, too.

Every guest brings a dish to the meal, and you all dig in to try it. The key is that every dish has to be homemade for it to be truly authentic, plus it’s just more fun for everyone to bring something homemade! The only issue with a potluck dinner is that it’s not always the healthiest, but this is where you come in. Perfecting the potluck takes getting the neighbors together and deciding who will bring which course. You could use these amazing online picanha recipes to bring something new to the table, and you can ask your neighbors to bring a variety of courses for you all to enjoy. Whether you stick to the same cuisine or not, it’s up to you, and you can ensure it goes well by taking control of the next party! 

There are so many easy and delicious dishes to enjoy and you can bring them to the table – literally – when you plan your next potluck. So, with that in mind, here are some of the most delicious (and popular) dishes you can ensure are at the next community potluck.


You can ask a few people to bring pizzas, and ask them to go all out with it, too! If you want to make the potluck more interesting, have a range of people in the neighborhood bring different pizza ingredients so that you can make your own as part of the dinner. Fire up the pizza oven outside and enjoy the scent of spices, tomato sauce and pizza dough rising up! You can also arrange for some delicious sides to be served up, too, from garlic bread and chicken wings to a huge salad!


We can hear you: sandwiches, to a potluck? No, surely not? Well, yes! Sandwiches are the most versatile food you can ever eat! You can change breads, using rolls or baguettes, naan or sliders. You can choose to make hot sandwiches or cold sandwiches, veggie filled or meat. The choices and sauce combinations are endless, and they’re a great finger-friendly food.

Baked Potatoes

If you’re planning to eat outside for your potluck, baked potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. You can fill them with so many different things, from chilli to different cheeses, and you can even add cold fillers like tuna and sliced deli meats. Baked potatoes can be cooked over an outside fire if you don’t want to cook them inside, which makes your potluck a mini cookout!


If you are the one bringing the soup dish to a potluck, check out all of these soup recipes you can get! There is more out there than tomato or chicken, and you can really dive into a new world of flavors when you do!

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