DIY Cranberry Mocktail Ideas

Poinsettia Mocktail Recipe

I love attending parties and special events, especially when they have mocktails, ever try a poinsettia mocktail, here’s the recipe! It’s a fun way to change-up the beverages and get creative. I recently went to a Pier1 DIY In-Store learning event. We were enjoying a fun DIY party! I can proudly 😍 say I can now tablescape, decorate lanterns and much more. I made new friends at this fun decor party, and fell in love with the beverage. In my home, you’ll always find a sparkling drink, so this was right up my alley! Check out this delicious mocktail recipe that Pier1 shared with me.

Poinsettia Mocktail Recipe


  • Cranberry juice cocktail
  • Orange juice (no pulp)
  • Sparkling apple cider or sparkling white grape juice
  • Ice
  • Orange slices or peel for Garnish (optional)
  • Frozen cranberries for Garnish (optional)

Takes ,
punch bowl party size


  1. Grab a large punch bowl
  2. Mix 1 part orange, 2 parts cranberry juice and 2 parts sparkling juice/cider
  3. Pour sparkling beverage just before serving to preserve the bubbles
  4. Add a bag of frozen cranberries and sliced oranges
  5. serve over ice


Want to make it a Cocktail instead of a Mocktail?

Single Serving: Use Champagne instead of the sparkling cider/juice and replace the 2 oz orange juice with 1/2 oz. of orange liqueur.

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Cranberry Mocktail drink with berries and ice in a glass jar

DIY Cranberry Mocktail Ideas


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