mexican fiesta party idea for fruit and snacks

TOP 15 Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

These are 15 Mexican Fiesta party ideas that are filled with hispanic culture, color and fun fiesta party decorations. The best part about having a  fiesta theme party, you can use it for any event other than Cinco De Mayo. I created a list of 15 tips and food ideas to creating an authentic Mexican Fiesta Party!

You can make your own decorations if you have time, or purchase many fun premade fiesta theme decorations and make your own candy and snack bars. Let me share some of the TOP 15 Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas that my family has recently created and use for lots of our celebrations.

fiesta party fruit table

Fiesta Tip #1 Serve Fruit with Chamoy, Lemon & Tajin

Create these easy fruit cups for your guest to keep refreshed and snacking while they mingle. This is perfect for adults and kids, be sure to chop the fruit and display your toppings. Your guest can add their desired amount of tajin, chamoy and lime juice in their cups. The bright green cups are a simple way to incorporate the colorful decorations, here are some items I found on that can help you with a fruit bar / table.

Ingredients needed for Mexican Inspired Fruit Cups with Tajin or Chamoy

Mexican fiesta party theme decorations

Fiesta Tip #2 Mexican Sarape Table Runner

Amazon carries a variety of Mexican Sarape table runners, these are an easy way to create a fiesta theme party. My sister in law hosted a bridal shower with these beautiful table decor items. If you’re in the Los Angeles County area, the Santee Alley and Fashion District has plenty of vendors that sell these party goods.

the best michelada recipe

Fiesta Tip #3 Make Micheladas

A party isn’t fully a fiesta without a bomb Michelada recipe for the adults (21+ yrs), find your favorite alcoholic beverage mix and drinks for a DIY Miche Bar. Stay tuned for my family’s recipe, everyone loves the quick mix and drink. If you’re looking for something on the basic side, here’s what you can have for your beverage area / bar table:

mexican candy bar

Fiesta Tip #4 Buy Mexican Candy

Ready to spice up your party?!?!? Add some of these classic and authentic mexican candies to your party favors or dessert table. I like to mix in a variety of different options but you may find that your guest will love the chile dipped lollipops and goodies.

taco man for fiesta party

Fiesta Tip #5 Make Tacos!

Your party will be poppin’ with a taco man/cart, or as we like to call it “Taquero”. These guys make all of the delicious salsa, rice, beans and tacos to serve. They can get pricey for a large party and event, or you can keep it basic and do it yourself on your own grill. These are typical for summer parties because we use Pozole and Tamales for the winter fiestas!

tacos for party

Fiesta Tip #6 Serve Pozole (Mexican Hominy Soup) on Cold Days

During the colder months we feed a crowd with Pozole! It’s a hominy soup made with pork, chicken or beef, varies by family preference, but pork is my favorite. You can’t go wrong with any fiesta that has an authentic pozole recipe. It’s a lot cheaper to make the pozole then having the taco man show up and serve your guest.

Fiesta Tip #7 Tamales around the Holiday events

It feels like Christmas! Serve up some of the best pork, chicken, or cheese tamales and your party guest will fall in love. These are a hispanic holiday traditional meal but we love it when there is a good fiesta that serves these for their party. Most Mexican restaurants can make these or recommend a great catering company (or Tia) who can make them from scratch and deliver them to your party.

Fiesta Tip #8 Guacamole Dip with Tortilla Chips

I love guacamole and the different ways to serve and eat it. I’ve made an easy guac chunky salsa recipe, along with a creamy salsa spicy version that you can drizzle on your tacos. There are so many recipes, find one that you like and serve it with tortilla chips or have your guest use it as a topping.

carne asada tacos

Fiesta Tip #9 Serve Carne Asada with Beans and Rice

My family keeps it simple for most parties and events, we don’t always go with a taco man service, but rather grill our own carne asada, serving it with a side of beans and rice. It’s more cost efficient and you can have someone help with grilling the food.

Fiesta Tip #10 Play Good Music

Every party and fiesta deserves good music, most will turn up the spanish music artists. Some classics (and overplayed) for any party are the following artists & songs listed on 😂 and the list is legit! In reality, any music is perfect with a party!

DIY fiesta party flowers

Fiesta Tip #11 DIY your own Mexican Party Banners for Decor

You can either make your own DIY Party Banner and Flowers, or you can purchase them on My sister in law created her their own flowers with construction paper and they were beautiful! They borrowed a pallet as a backdrop, added the flowers and a sarape to give it their own Mexican fiesta touch. You can create this backdrop with the following items:

Fiesta Tip #12 Use Tortilla Warmers

If you’re serving mexican food, you’ll most likely need to keep your tortillas warm. You can find a big selection of different tortilla warmers on Amazon. You can even get by with tucking away your tortillas in a sarape cloth and leaving them in a colorful basket.

homemade green salsa

Fiesta Tip #13 Make your own Homemade Salsa

I love homemade salsa, my favorite is green salsa also known as salsa verde. You can find many recipes online and create a delicious topping or dip with them.

pinata and candy

Fiesta Tip #14 Buy Multiple Pinatas and fill them with Candy

Every child awaits the cake and pinata filled with candy, it’s their little glorious moment to give it their best to break the pinata. Most parties have two pinatas and fill them with different assortments of candy. We love to grab large heavy duty pinatas from our local Mexican Grocery stores because they are built to withstand multiple children attempting to break it. If you pick up a small one from your local Target or Walmart, the will most likely break within the first three children attempting to break and release the candy.

You can even fill them with these suggested Party Toy Fillers:

appetizers for your fiesta

Fiesta Tip #15 Have plenty of Appetizers and Food!

Mexican parties tend to go on for hours, more than your typical 4 hour party time period. With that in mind, be sure to prep plenty of appetizers and snacking food for your guest. My husband and family love these bacon wrapped jalapenos! It’s an easy recipe that requires minimal effort and you can make these in bulk! Create a table full of extra appetizers that can be displayed after most of your guest have left, this will keep you from having to continue to hover over the grill.

These are just some of the ways my family hosts parties and we love all of the fun sweets that come along with the culture. It’s amazing how a few little colorful decorations can really throw together a party!

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas


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