Prom Picture Poses for Girls and Couples

It’s Prom season! As a teenager, I regret not going to prom. My husband is my high school sweet heart. He is one year older, so during my prom season, he was off on his first deployment. My heart felt so flattered that my little cousin wanted me to take her prom photos! I felt like I was living in their moment. They were glued to their phones, rushing to get together, simply living the teenage dream. 

prom couples photo poses

Prom pictures are filled with fun spunk, I love how creative poses can turn out for girls and couples.  My little cousin is finally a senior! She wore such a beautiful coral colored dress. Her hair, simply adorable and she decided to take her younger cousin to prom.

If you don’t own a DSLR camera and looking for a recommended camera to capture your families memories, here are some starters that I recommend: has Canon Rebel EOS DSLR Camera bundles! I’m currently using the Canon Rebel T6. If you are looking for a camera that is a point and shoot, which is a very basic way to begin. I’d highly recommend checking out the ones on Amazon and finding something within your budget. Note that you won’t get that blurred background effect with a point and shoot camera. DSLR’s are the ones that have interchangeable lens, which help create those blurred background photography images.

fun prom photo twirl of couple

I wanted to take a few natural poses, so I had them twirl as if they were dancing. The dress was perfect, it had a peaceful flow. Light pink, coral, it reminded me of the true color of spring. His suit was on point! Dark blue, and I absolutely fell in love with his socks. The pattern matched his prom tuxedo. He definitely took the time and effort into getting his colors to match.

These are some prom photography / photo poses to inspire you!

spring classy prom photos

Tip #1
Take photos in the shade, not direct sunlight. Squinting eyes are not too flattering, neither are sweaty teenagers.

Lens used to capture this photograph: Canon EF 75-300 Zoom f/4 – 5.6 Lens

single pose for prom photography

There are so many poses online, these effortless poses came naturally to them. Which made it easier for their photography session. I’m a mom, not a professional photographer. I simply love to capture the moment. Recreate these, and tag me on Instagram! @DarlingTomboy

Tip #2
Just have fun with it! Let them be silly. 

prom dresses and poses for girls / friends

Don’t stress out about the perfect photo, just grab that camera and start clickin’. You’ll find that the pictures with less posing, will turn out to be the best ones. I captured 150+ pictures, lots of them were doubles, triples, etc.

Tip #3
Avoid popular locations.

Prom suit photography idea

Tip #4
Natural Light is your best friend. Even if you’re doing a quick edit, natural light is a miracle worker. You’ll be able to edit quickly with those Instagram and Facebook filters before sharing your lovely prom photos. 

prom photography tips and poses

Tip #4
Take group photos, invite their friends.

prom friends photo tips and ideas

Tip #5
Give yourself lots of time, at least 2 hours for photos. Some people will be late, so don’t rush. Enjoy the day, give yourself even 3 hours! 

girls prom photo ideas

If you love these fun prom photography tips, you can see my other Photography Tip Posts and find other ideas for your next family photo shoot.

cute prom photo ideas


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