Cute Fall Outfit Under $25 at Target!

I was able to score some cute fall outfit pieces valued at $74.97 for dirt cheap! There’s only 1 thing you’ll need, the downloadable Cartwheel App from Target. You can even convert this cute style into a summer outfit! 

You might find these at your local store! I actually purchased the brown hat at full price because I was so impatient. I’m sooo happy I scored the other hats pictured in the Target cats.

Graphic T-Shirt $14.99
Clearance price: $4.48
-20% off Clearance Cartwheel App Discount =$3.50

Heels $34.99
Clearance Price: $10.49
– 20% off Clearance Cartwheel App Discount

Felt Hat $19.99
Clearance price: $13.98
– 20% off Clearance Cartwheel App Discount =$11.18

Total Outfit Value $74.97
What I paid after Clearance + 20% off Clearance and Cartwheel discount: $23.06


These are perfect fall items for your wardrobe, you can easily make any of these items fit for any season. PLUS, they worked for my millennial budget, saving me some extra cash for other necessities or adventures.


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