Monster Jam – Fun for Kids in Southern California

This weekend our day was filled with lots of fun, we had two birthday party celebrations with our family and Monster Jam. I entered a fun giveaway with The Reality Changers (check out their YouTube Channel Here), I’m stoked that we won tickets on their Facebook page. Thank you Felt Entertainment for hosting this amazing Giveaway with The Reality Changers!!! Now, let me share some of the cool photos of the Monster Jam show!

Of course, we had to purchase the bag of cotton candy and these cool Megladan and MM Dalmatian mask to support each of their favorite Monster Trucks. These were $20 each with their individual bag of cotton candy.

(4) Tickets (3rd row! ) – Giveaway Winnings!
(2) Cotton Candy Bags w/ Mask – $40 for both
(2) McDonald’s 10pc Chicken Nugget Meals $12 each – roughly $25
Parking Pass – $20
Total Spent: $85
Memories with our Boys: Priceless!

These concession prices are based off the rates at the Los Angeles Staples Center in Southern California.

I would HIGHLY recommend ear protection, they sell really cute ones for the kids in the arena. Personally, I would take my own so I can splurge on souvenirs on my boys at the arena. If you are looking for general ear protection for the Monster Jam show, you can find multiple varieties on  or buy them at your event showing.

You will definitely want to do your research for your local venue, the Staples Center has a handbag restriction, you can read about it here.

It was LOUD, FUN, and AWESOME!! Zachary (3) and Sonny (7) both enjoyed it in their own special way. With the Baby Shark song going viral for his age group, Zachary absolutely loved the Megalodon monster truck. Sonny loves animals and was cheering for MM Dalmatian and El Toro Loco!

Did you know that El Toro Loco is a hispanic Monster Jam Racer? With so many Latino and lots of hispanic culture surrounding Los Angeles, it was thrilling to hear the crowd cheer when he spoke in Spanish.

As soon as we got home, the boys ran straight to their Monster Jam toy trucks and started to play. Totally reenacting the cool performance show that we experienced at the Staples Center. This week I’ll be sure to help them make a DIY monster truck ramp and course to play. It’s fun to see their little eyes beam with excitement.

The boys had such a great time, I would highly recommend this show for any family who wants to find something fun to do in Los Angeles and Southern California’s surrounding cities. It’s amazing how big trucks can entertain us for hours and thrill us with the roaring engines.


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