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7 Reasons to Visit the Plimoth Plantation

On our recent family trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts we knew our kids would love to visit the Plimoth Plantation. This beautiful historical location has so many reasons to visit, plus, explore the Native American and European settlement era. Not to mention, it’s highly recommended on TripAdvisor, I’ve added my special review of this educational trip.

entering the Wampanoag wetus village home

1. It’s a Self Paced Tour

Looking for something that allows you to slow down and enjoy a break? We were exploring this unique historical tour during the summer. Everyone knows humidity and walking tours can quickly take a toll on young kids. Our family took many water breaks under the shade (they have plenty), which allowed us to enjoy every individual exhibit. There are many water fountains to refill your insulated reusable water bottles, which I highly recommend that you bring along.

2. Eat like a Pilgrim

If you have older children who love trying new foods, this is the gig for your group! The themed-dining experience, Eat Like a Pilgrim is a fun way to explore the everyday meals that European settlers ate. After exploring the different agriculture that was grown and harvested in the early 1600s, 😉 it truly gives you a taste of history. In the fall, you can enjoy two interactive dining experiences with Plentiful Catering and Events at the Plimoth Plantation.

young kids interacting with english pilgrim settlers at plimoth plantation

3. Educational and Interactive Experience

Do you remember the first time your teacher introduced Native American history? The Wampanoag indian tribe may ring a bell, you’ll find an engaging and interactive tour that includes many actors who do not disappoint, they stay in character the entire time! My kids were amazed with the Indigenous and Pilgrim people and their language, food and overall living styles. Visiting the Plimoth Plantation created a new method of educational learning experiences, #ParentingWin.

kids exploring the plimoth plantation in plymouth massachusetts

4. Ocean Views along the Coast

Plymouth is within Cape Cod, which is a coastal peninsula surrounded by beautiful beaches and coastal breeze. Plimoth Plantation has two major exhibits, the European Settlers and Native American Wampanoag Village, each of these has stunning waterfront views. It was the perfect setting for us to enjoy the slight breeze during the hot summer day. Cape Cod, also known as “the cape” by locals, gets lots of summer time visitors. If you plan your vacation or trip during the summer, you may encounter a bit of traffic, you’ll want to plan ahead for the Plimoth Plantation hours of operation.

5. The Plantation has Livestock Animals

Children who love animals will truly enjoy this walking historical tour. You will find many chickens running freely throughout the Pilgrim Village. The goats, cows and horses are enclosed in their individual livestock areas. The pilgrims will educate the kids that individual pilgrim families owned specific livestock animals on their property. My boys loved that they encountered the livestock animals, it gave the tour a realistic experience that was unforgettable!

wampanoag wetus home historical museum

6. Walk through the historical Wampanoag and Pilgrim Homesites

The Wampanoag indians lived in wetus homes built for individual families, the larger wetus homes were meant for multi-generations to share. You are given the opportunity to explore inside, where you’ll find wooden hand handmade benches, real animal hide, woven baskets, and so much more.

indoor museum at the plimoth plantation

7. Visit the Indoor Exhibit

This beautiful museum has an indoor exhibit that has many educational details about the pilgrims and Wampanoag indians. Indoors, you will find the way that pilgrims would sew toys and clothing. Methods of creating wooden tools and using specific cooking styles are showcased inside the exhibit.  The kids will love this fun Mayflower inspired “Mooflower” statue, it’s a popular photo spot.

Helpful Tips before you Plan your Trip:

  • Parking is free, it’s an easy drive and there are plenty of signs on the main road to help guide you to the parking lot
  • You can bring your own food / snacks
  • Summer Visitors can expect more traffic than normal on the highway
  • Cafe on premises for lunch and dine in purchases
  • Bring your reusable insulated water bottles
  • There are 2 gift shops at the plantation museum
  • Gift Shops sell snacks and drinks
  • Indoor tables are available to enjoy a snack or lunch
  • Expect to spend at least 2 hours at this location
  • Summer visitors prepare for heat and humidity

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