7 Tips for Visiting The Statue of Liberty in New York

Planning a summer vacation to New York is definitely a bucket list travel destination. Traveling to see the Statue of Liberty is extremely popular and the number one attraction in the city. When you add children into the mix, that’s a whole new ballgame. Let me share the 7 Tips for Visiting the Statue of Liberty, family edition! 

Tip #1: Plan your Visit to the Statue of Liberty in Advance

You will be in a huge crowd, many tourist are going to try to book their visit to the Statue of Liberty on the same day. If you procrastinate and don’t make the plans in advance, prepare to wait in a LONG line. These high attraction tours will get totally booked. I purchased our pedestal tickets online, 2 months in advance. With the reservation tickets, we did NOT have to wait in the ridiculous 2 hr+ wait line at the ticket booth. We walked straight to the security ferry line and scanned our emailed digital tickets. You can print your tickets at home, or show your email digital ticket. If you are easily prone to jet lag, check out my tips on this post.

ferry ride to statue of liberty

Tip #2: Bring Sunscreen, Reusable Water Bottles and Snacks

When you visit a walking city, you’ll be exposed to lots of sunlight and the weather changes. During the summer, you can expect high humidity, and the beaming hot sunshine with lots of walking. Young children will have unexpected moments of hunger, because they’re walking off their energy. Bring plenty of snacks, a refillable water bottle to keep your day afloat. There are many places to refill your reusable water bottles throughout the city and on the Statue of Liberty Island. You can even pack your own picnic. If you don’t mind carrying a small umbrella, you will want to take one due to the direct heat and unexpected rain that comes and goes. As a family of four, we took 2 umbrellas, one was a small travel efficient and the other was standard size. I found a small travel size umbrella on Amazon.com under $20. If the umbrella is large and non-foldable, they will not allow you to take it. We also packed two double insulated water bottles to keep our drinks ice-cold. Our snacks were in a small lunch tote, a $1 bag of chips rings up nearly $5 on Liberty Island.

Kids travel to NYC

Tip #3: Wear Comfortable Shoes

We used the Metro/Subway within the city, but you still have plenty of walking distance to cover.  Liberty Island has stairs that lead you onto the Pedestal and into The Crown, and that’s a workout of the day! Let your kids wear the most comfortable shoes, if they have walking shoes, even better. If you are planning to take a stroller, you are welcome to have access with them on the Pedestal, but not the Crown tour. When I was a Target, they had the coolest carry-on friendly travel stroller, the Gb Pockit Umbrella Stroller.

tourist to liberty island

Tip #4: Plan to Visit the Statue of Liberty for 3-5 Hours

We blocked out the entire afternoon, from 11am until 4pm, giving us the time to wait for our ferry, go through security, ride the ferry to the island, then check out the Museum Tour on Liberty Island. Keep in mind, you will be waiting in long lines, sometimes they slow down and you need to prepare for at least a 4 hour block of your tourist plans. We would have loved to visit Ellis Island, but it wasn’t possible this time around. On our next trip, it’ll be a new place to visit. By the time we noticed how much time was passed getting to adventure the Statue of Liberty, 5 hours had already passed.

Tip #5: Eat Before you Arrive

It’s really important to fuel up on a good breakfast before you head to the Statue of Liberty. The long lines and walking will burn off the calories and gear up an appetite. Be sure to carry plenty of snacks for yourself and the kids. You can time your visit to visit during the afternoon so you can be back in the city just in time for dinner. We had bagels for breakfast and ate them at Battery Park as we waited for the ferry. We enjoyed snacks on the island and had a heavy dinner upon arrival back in New York City.

liberty island pedestal museum

Tip #6: Pack Extra Layers

The coastline is tricky, you’ll have a hot sunny day, then you’re hiding from the rain. There is a light mist with the shore breeze, prepare yourself with a light rain coat. Our little guy, Zachary, has a challenging immune system. We packed extra layers just in case a cold breeze approached, to keep him from developing a cough by the end of the day.

statue of liberty original torch

Tip #7: Take your Camera

Most visitors have huge bulky cameras, 🙋 that was me. It was heavy, took up space, and although I had a few nice photos, I could have left it at home. I used my cell phone 90% of the trip, plus, a big bulky camera screams tourist. If you’re trying to stay low-key, don’t take your fancy gear. Besides, the best camera, is the one that’s in your hand when you want to capture the moment. It doesn’t matter what model, full frame, or quality, you are there to capture the memory.

You can view the full list of the Statue Of Liberty Safety Regulations for prohibited items, right here. Overall, we are planning to visit the Statue of Liberty again, and check out Ellis Island. It was such a memorable visit, and once our boys grow a little older, it’ll be nice to relive the experience with them. Maybe even take more time to truly embrace both museums on each island. By the way, a new museum is in the works for Liberty Island, therefore it’s currently under construction and will be featuring the new museum for summer 2019.

Questions for you:

  • Have you been to the Statue of Liberty?
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