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5 Tips to Help your Kids with Jet Lag

Not sure how to manage and help your kids with jet lag? Jet Lag is draining, and it straight up sucks! I have 5 tips and alternatives that have helped us manage jet lag with our kids. Planning a family vacation is stressful when you have to accommodate your plans around time zone changes. Whether you are flying domestic or international, it can be done and you can totally NAIL your next vacation! Scratch that, you can SLAY IT!  

Here are some tips that may work for you, as they have worked for us. Don’t be totally judgemental, give it and work around what suits your family

Tip #1 Arrange your Travel Time while your Kids can Sleep

Whether you’re driving or flying, just find a time period when your family can relax and enjoy the ride. We had so many ups and downs with our first flight, the boys were haywire crazy! Sonny was asking a bazillion annoying questions while stressing himself out. Zachary was acting like his normal turd little self, just totally throwing a tantrum anytime he could. Pick the time that will work for your kids, during their nap times or maybe when they’re freshly ready to take on the day so you don’t have to carry a grouchy child.

Tip #2 Melatonin Helps with Jet Lag

Don’t judge! This is the MOST important one!! We took our own set of adult melatonin to help us rest through the night, I buy the large pack for adults at Costco. For my boys, I found a kid friendly version at Target. I gave it a try on a night when they were very restless and drilling me to my last nerve. By the way, we gave this a try about a week before our family vacation. Thankfully 🙌 the boys did very well with it, and got the best nights sleep with the natural product. This is a product that we ALWAYS travel with to help them just sleep! I’ve had many Mom friends send me an Instagram DM after I shared this product on my Instagram Stories, totally life changing for those crazy restless nights.

Target Zarbee's Melatonin natural sleep supplement

Tip #3 Prepare to get rest on Travel Days

I’ll admit that we have jumped straight into tourist activities within a few hours of arriving to our destination. We need to remind ourselves that it’s totally cool to just CHILL and not do anything on those travel days. This will give you more time to truly enjoy the rest of your trip.

Tip #4 Take your Favorite Gadgets to Relax

Sometimes watching a few Netflix shows or YouTube videos will relax you enough to make you tired. The boys usually lay down for a few minutes on their iPads, then I’ll notice their sleepy eyes. If your kids sleep better with music, play your favorite tunes on your phone. Maybe play an audiobook to sit back and relax.

Copycat recipe Starbucks mango dragonfruit refresher

Tip #5 Drink Coffee or Tea for Jet Lag

You might need a double shot of espresso! Let’s be honest, traveling is geared up with excitement. Traveling with energy may work best for your, especially when you throw children into the mix. I love myself a great brew, but sometimes a tea can do the deed. I’m currently obsessed with the Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, I made my own DIY Copycat recipe, check it out here!

I hope these are helpful tips, they have worked for us and I’m hoping these products will be of great use for your travels with children. You can read about our trip to New York and check out a few fun places to take young kids. I highly recommend checking out City Pass, it’s a budget friendly way to save on tourist attractions. Overall, there are plenty of different ways to manage and help your kids with jet lag. These are ways that have helped my children manage the time zone changes.


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