Neptune Net’s in Malibu, CA

Looking to grab a quick bite while our on a ride? Neptune Net’s in Malibu, Ca is a must visit place! On Labor Day weekend, we rode on the Pacific Coast Highway for a nice breezy day to enjoy some good food at Neptune’s Net’s in Malibu, Ca. It’s one of my favorite biker bars with delicious fried onion rings and seafood. You won’t mind the long lines at the restaurant with it’s stunning views of the coastal PCH restaurant!

The place is popular for its scene in the movie “Fast & Furious”. The crowd was there, friendly but there. LOL 😀 You’ll find some kick-ass riders, enjoying some fish and chips with a cool drink. The restaurant is right off the coastal cliffs in California, those who dare cross the highway can easily get a captivating view of the Malibu surfers and coastline.

malibu, CA

Don’t get nervous about crossing, most of the drivers are aware of the popular Southern California eatery and slow down to let the visitors cross the highway. The coast is breathtaking!

PCH Malibu CA

I highly recommend the onion rings served with a side of ranch, and the fish & chips! It took us nearly 1 hour to score a bench seat. The crowd takes their time and people tend to rush to an open seat. You may want to take a beach towel and enjoy your food across the highway on the coastline. Better yet, just eat your food on your bike.

surfing malibu ca Load up on sunscreen and prepare yourself for amazing coastal views, you’ll find lots of surfers enjoying the waves! I loved that everyone was so friendly, the atmosphere is definitely not your typical seafood restaurant. I personally would not bring my young children, lots of standing for little feet. pch ride in malibu


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