Safety Boating Kit Ideas when going Boating to the Lake with Kids!

Summer is in full swing, we had a wild heat wave hitting the highs of 112*+ DegreesĀ šŸ˜µĀ in Southern California. The best way to cool down? We geared up for a day at Pyramid Lake, check out some of the photos and the emergency kit items you should take on your next summer visit to your nearby lake.

Pyramid Lake, CA with kids

My brother-in-law recently purchased this nice 9 passenger boat, it was the first dip in the lake for his new recreational toy. Our boys enjoyed the breeze and relaxing under the sun. As a group of 15, we alternated the boat cruise, my tween nieces and teenage nephew loved it! I would definitely say that they enjoyed it the most. Why? They jumped off the boat and soaked up the new adventure, having no fears at all.

day trip at pyramid lake

Sonny is 6 years old and is a bit more of an anxiety and stressful personality, I had to reassure him that everything was okay during the boating ride. He didn’t like the feeling of the boat rocking, it was totally new to him to adventure on a smaller family boat. We road in the bow (front area) of the boat to our little cove where my nephew and nieces dipped into the lake for a bit. In all honesty, the ride was a bit more choppy and it worried Sonny on the way up to the cove. On the way back to the launch ramp, he was at ease because we road in the back of the boat, where the ride is much smoother. Overall, it was a new experience for him to ride a smaller family boat, rather than a 50+ passenger vessel. We’ll be going to New York City and the East Hampton areaĀ this summer, and in order for us to check out the Statue of Liberty, we have to take a ferry ride to the island. Keep an eye out for that adventure soon!

boating on the lake

We got their kids boating life jackets online, you can find some under $25 onĀ We love that they have various sizes for our toddler, Zachary. By the way, he loved boating! This little dude is fearless, paddled his little feet in the water and then jumped in with his Uncle Zeke.

summer at the lake, boating

Here’s a list of items I would highly recommend for your boating lake trip:

  • Life jackets & Throw Float Ring
  • Basic Emergency Kit – include a CPR kit, Red Flag, etc. this way you are prepared with items you make need
  • Knife – algae loves to tangle those motors, you may need to jump in and cut the algae off the propellers
  • Whistle, Flares, Fire Extinguisher, Air Horn, LED Flashlight
  • Dry Case or Water Resistant Bag
  • Sunblock – you’ll never have too muchĀ šŸ˜‰
  • Hat – Floppy hats are the best so that you can cover your face and neck to stay fresh
  • Swimwear Coverup – If you plan to dip in the lake and want to protect your skin from too much exposure on the way to the cove, pick up a cute breezy coverup
  • Sunglasses, you’ll want to wear them
  • Cooler, even a small ice cooler to keep fresh drinks, this will help keep you hydrated and snacks

Boating essentials for your family

family boating with kids

boating at the lake

kids boating safety tips

boating with toddlers and young kids

We definitely had a blast! There are so many varieties of food that you can pack for your next adventure, that will be covered in a separate blog post. If you have suggestions, drop a comment or follow me on Instagram: @DarlingTomboy and let me know your ideas. If you’re looking for a fun theme park activity for your kiddos, you can check out my selection of Theme Park blog posts here. You’ll find some details about Disneyland, Sea World, Knott’s Berry farm and more. Enjoy your summer!


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