Spring Break Ideas for Young Kids

Spring break is my favorite time of the year!!! The sun-kissed weather that won’t make you run for the house with A/C. My kids can relax and it gives me an excuse to spend more time at the beach. Plus, it helps when the sand isn’t raging hot. 

Growing up in a single family household gave me some not so fun spring and summer breaks as a kid. My mom would spend 10+ hours (at times 16 hrs/day) working to provide. I knew that when I “grew up” as an adult, I didn’t want my kids to experience these boring spring breaks with a babysitter or at the local community kids club. Therefore, I requested my spring vacation time period 2 months in advance with work, now that time is here!

zuma beach

We are your typical middle-class family, planning our spring break with our boys. I had my mind set to spend more time near the ocean and less time in my house. Sonny had 2 weeks of Spring Break, so I requested to be off the 2nd week of his break and enjoy a lovely 13 days off (weekends included)!

Natural History Museum of LA

Did you know that every 1st Tuesday of Every Month, you can get a free admission into the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles!??! Seriously! Talk about perfect timing. I wanted to let the boys enjoy something a little educational, so we were surprised when it just so happened to be the 1st Tuesday of the month and we all got a free admission. The only rate you could opt to pay was for the extra exhibits that you wanted to enter. The parking lot directly across from the museum was $12 (per car) so we got 3 adult tickets and 2 child tickets for the price of our parking spot. That evening we dropped by an authentic Mexican restaurant in the middle of East LA, called El Mercadito. They sell some cute Mexican nic-nacs, dresses, ceramic decor and a large variety of concession snacks full of spicy Tajin! Pick up some mouth watering tostiloco’s, elote, raspados, you name, they’ll make it! 


We did catch some traffic on our way back home, but honest, we didn’t mind it. The drive was relaxing, we got to talk about our favorite high points of the day and laid back to chill as traffic was creeping so slowly. We all crashed out and passed out for bed by 9pm.

San Buenaventura State Beach

 San Buenaventura State Beach

Honest, I won’t be back to this place. The day was beautiful, we had such a great relaxing picnic, but we originally planned to eat our lunch on the shore. The picnic tables were a pretty good distance from the beach. The restrooms weren’t too far. Rocks. Rocks. Rocks! The state beach had so many large rocks, it was annoying to have the our little ones (Zachary 2, and my nephew Benjamin 1) attempt to walk through without falling and getting hurt. My mother in law lost her balance a few times. My biggest annoyance was the deep shore just a few feet away from the hard wet sand (perfect for building castles and digging holes). I get it – it’s a beach, but I am now knowledgeable to not come back to this location with young toddlers.  The deep rift was literally less than 5 feet away, a little too close for any moms anxiety.

For this beach trip, we packed  – Hiva (ceviche/imitation crab), 7 layer dip, chips, drinks and some chicken strips for the kids. This time we brought the umbrella for shade, more camping chairs and a large bed sheet to lay on.

The only one ready for this cool #selfie gadget was Whiskey He looked too cute to not share #blemishes #natural #lifestyleblogger #nomakeup

Outdoor Water Play

We kept it simple, basically wore the boys out for the past three days that we needed some chill time. We played with buckets of water, boats, anything that could get wet. I took a few selfies with my dog, played with them and just enjoyed the cool weather.

@nhmla Saying we had fun is suchhh an understatement! It was a beautiful day at the #NaturalHistoryMuseum the boys got to explore and run wild! The day was perfect. #GoExplore #discoverLA #losangeles #Socal #life

Enjoy Birthday Celebrations

We are expecting rain, I’ll be baking cupcakes to meet with our family for a pre-birthday celebration day. Singing our Birthday song to Zachary and enjoying some dinner before his Birthday Celebration at our favorite pizza parlor (on Saturday) and the Santa Barbara Zoo (on Sunday).

10 Spring Break Kids Activities:

  1. Beach – pack lightly
  2. Free Museum Days
  3. Park Play Date
  4. Local Zoo
  5. Swim at your Local Lake
  6. Family Picnics
  7. Bake Desserts
  8. Travel to Visit Family (road trip!)
  9. Hang out with Grandparents
  10. Adventure Outside

Play Outside


Epic Spring Break


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