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Theme Park Tips and Outfits!

Universal Studios, Disneyland, all of the thrilling theme parks are filled with awesome special effects, cool shows, great rides, plus, a lifetime of memories for any age. This won’t be a spoiler post, just a few cool tips for your next theme park adventure. I have been lucky enough to enjoy a trip to both Universal Studios (Hollywood & Orlando) along with Island of Adventure, the second theme park in Orlando. We’ve been to Disneyland Resort a few times and I’m definitely planning a trip back soon.

Tips for your next Theme Park Adventure!

  1. Search for Online Discounts/Coupons for your ticket purchase.
  2. Wear comfy clothes and sneakers, take a sweater for your late night.
  3. Eat a fulfilling meal before you attend the park.
  4. Pack a picnic in your ice cooler.
  5. Ask if there are Free Short Term Locker Rentals throughout the park.
  6. Download the park APP, usually has a QR code on the map/welcome booklet.
  7. Buy souvenirs at the end of your day.
  8. Take photos with your phone or a small digital camera.
  9. If you’re taking a backpack, less is more.
  10. Stay away from social media and enjoy your visit!

Check out these outfits for some fashion inspiration for your next park outing…



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