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Travel Snack Ideas for Airplane (Toddler Friendly!)

The week has finally arrived, we are back from our first family trip to New York City. I had so many things running through my mind from learning the Subway/Metro system (before our arrival), kid friendly restaurants, public restroom access, you name it! One thing that kept our travel budget on task is packing our own snacks for the airplane, which must be toddler & kid friendly. Let me share some of the items you can find at your local grocery store, these snacks fit our family needs for this new #TrevizoPackAdventure (browse our family Instagram Hashtag).

One of the best things to consider is the product packaging, if you buy items such as chips and crackers, they may crumble with your carry-on items. Below is the list of snack ideas that you may consider for your next flight. Amazon Pantry may have a slightly cheaper price on most of these pantry snacks.

snack ideas for traveling slim jim

If you’re into the “Keto” friendly snacks, you’ll love the Slim Jim snack sticks that fit nicely into your carry-on bag. They are low carb and packed with protein for your mid-flight snack craving.

If you’re taking infants on your next travel getaway, you can take a variety of different snacks.

travel snack ideas for infants

  • Emerald 100 Calorie Packs
  • Pretzels
  • Popchips
  • Rice Cakes

100 calorie snack pack for traveling

nut butter for travel snacks

pringles snacks for kids

If I were to take chips, I’d have to take the Pringles single variety, they have the best containers and packaging. They won’t get crumbled in your bag and they are a perfect snack size to satisfy the salt craving.

travel snack bars for flights

infant travel snacks for flight

These items will be packed into my personal tote bag, as most airlines allow one carry-on and 1 personal item/bag. Our left overs were kept at the hotel and we took some of them in our bag to adventure throughout the city. On average, a hot dog or bag of chips range from $2-$4 each. We saved time, money and tantrums while on our adventure throughout  the city by loading our day bag with snacks. At times my boys got hungry while waiting to board the ferry, or near the 9/11 memorial and on the subway/metro ride back to our hotel.

travel snacks for airplanes

Fresh fruit that is sealed in containers is definitely an easy and healthy way to snack on the go. We love to use these stainless steel LunchBot containers to keep our travel snacks organized and separated. has a variety of bento style boxes.

We got to visit the beautiful Statue of Liberty. It was amazing, these are the memories that I have been waiting to create with my boys. Stay tuned, a new post with our travel adventure throughout the city will be coming up soon.



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