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Things To Be Aware Of When Taking A Trip To New Orleans

It can be really easy to completely waste a trip to New Orleans by getting stuck in the French Quarter or get completely caught up in all the Mardi Gras antics. Although these are both extremely exciting, fun and interesting things to see and do in New Orleans, you can’t forget that it has so much more to offer you too. When visiting a new place you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb by acting like a tourist, this is why there are a few things you should know before you travel to any city.

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Have a look below at some the things you should be aware of when taking a trip to New Orleans: 

Don’t Linger Around Bourbon Street 

Getting off Bourbon Street is essential for seeing more of New Orleans. You should ideally only walk down Bourbon Street during the day, and only do it once. You want to experience it but not spend all your time there. You should instead, take a stroll down places like Frenchman Street, Decatur, Royal or Crescent Park. Crescent Park is a beautiful riverfront park where you can enjoy long walks or cycles. 

Local Etiquette

Even though New Orleans is known as ‘The Big Easy’ you should never refer to it like that when you’re there. No one in New Orleans will ever call it that. Make an effort to visit the hole-in-the-wall bars and if you go to the French Quarter make sure you take a trip to Molly’s on the market. Go to the Carousel bar and don’t order Hand Grenades and Hurricanes when in the French Quarter. They may be popular with tourists but that’s it, you wouldn’t catch local with one. Although the Jazz festivals and Mardi Gras are popular, you should avoid them, especially if it’s your first time in the city. You will find that there is usually an authentic and usually free festival nearly every weekend. You’re not likely to see the locals carrying an umbrella, instead, they will jump into the shelter of a local bar. 

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Tours Can Save You Time And Money 

Booking some New Orleans tours can not only save you time and money it also offers a different experience of the city. Using a well thought out tour will mean that you’re seeing as much of New Orleans as possible, even if you’re on a budget or tight for time. You can go on tours around the whole city, just specific parts and even around the famous swamps that surround the city. You usually walk a lot when you’re in New Orleans, but if you plan on taking public transport more than once, you might want to think about getting a streetcar pass. Absolutely everything is twenty minutes or less away by Uber. 

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New Orleans is one of the most unique and friendly cities that you can visit in the USA, you will find that you always have something in common with someone else, so make sure you always make an effort to say hello. Nobody is seen as a stranger, do you have any other things that you know about New Orleans? Please share them in the comments below. 

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bourbon street new orleans with tourist


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